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Have you heard of stories of the smooth and trouble-free move? Relocating to a new location can be stressful as there are a lot of responsibilities associated with it. Moving to Auckland suburbs can be overwhelming, especially if you have been living in a city all your life. You are burdened with a lot of responsibilities, from hiring professional furniture removals and movers in Auckland to changing your address and paying for utilities. These are just some of the responsibilities that you must fulfil. Did you know that there are several things you must do before the moving truck pulls in?

Things to fix before the moving truck pulls in!

 Once you have hired movers, you are left with a long checklist of things to do. Whether you are moving to the suburbs or the city, there are a few things that cannot be delayed and must be fulfilled before the moving truck pulls in.

  1. Declutter your home and purge your belongings

The first and foremost responsibility to fulfil before your East Auckland movers arrive is to declutter your home and purge all your belongings. ‘Sentimental value’ is the main reason why many of us hold onto several things that we do not use. Keeping things for the sake of keeping take away the valuable space that you may need for other things.

Declutter by dividing your belongings into the following – keep, throw, donate/sell, reuse. You must purge your belongings and reduce the number of things to pack before the house packers and furniture movers arrive at your doorstep.

  1. Set aside all valuables

Moving can be very chaotic and there is a possibility that you may lose some of your valuables in the process. To be sure that you don’t lose something irreplaceable, set aside all your valuables such as documents, jewellery, family heirloom, and such before the arrival of West Auckland movers. You may carry these valuables while you move instead of leaving them with the movers.

  1. List your inventory and photograph your belongings

Once you have decluttered all your belongings and purged them, you are left with items that you must take with you to your new home. List out all the inventory in a book or digitally and organize them into what will go in the truck and what will be carried by you to your new home. You may also divide them into the things that go to different rooms, which will help you unpack easily. Additionally, take photographs of furniture and other belongings that may fall victim to damage during transit.

  1. Know what cannot be moved

Did you know that there are several items that Auckland movers refuse to move? These items include perishable items, hazardous items such as fertilizers and pesticides, motor oils, car batteries, and pain among others. You can request the movers to provide you with a list of items that they do not move and make alternate arrangements for them. If you are moving to a different country you can hire speciality movers to move your plants and pets or do it yourself.

  1. Prepare your inventory

If you have hired the complete services of professional movers, you can be assured that all your belongings will be packed, labelled and taken care of. But there are a few responsibilities that you must fulfil as given below.

  • You must empty and turn off your refrigerator and cold storage at least two days before the move day.
  • Remove batteries from all devices that you wish to load into the truck
  • Drain the fuel out of power tools that you intend to relocate
  • Strip off the covers of the bed, sofa, tables, and chairs; wash and pack.
  • Empty the cupboards, drawers and all shelves and organize them
  • Measure your furniture to ensure that they fit into your new home
  1. Pack your personal belongings

Unless you have hired the complete service offered by professional Henderson movers, you will have to finish packing and labelling all your belongings before they arrive. Last moment packing would only lead to added stress. Additionally, you must also pack an emergency bag with clothes and necessities that you will need once you move. If you have hired full service, you may only pack valuables, personal items, and the emergency bag, and leave the rest to professional Auckland movers. Don’t forget to set aside the things that you do not want to be loaded into the moving van.

  1. Moving day preparation

On moving day, here is the list of things you must do before the movers arrive.

  • Arrange a place for your kids and pets when the movers arrive
  • Mind the weather and take precautionary measures
  • Warn the movers if there are any possible difficulties such as narrow streets, time restrictions, moving hours, parking rules, and so on.
  • If you live in an apartment, reserve the elevator as well as a parking space close to the entrance. Get special permission if needed.
  • Have cash ready for payment/tips
  • Don’t forget to protect your home

You must fulfil the necessary precautionary measures before the movers arrive. To ensure a smooth and trouble-free move from the city to the Auckland suburbs, you must fulfil all your responsibilities before the movers are at your doorstep. This will make sure that you offer an easy way in and around your home for the professionals to do their job ideally.


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