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Moving houses is a big decision, especially if you own a lot or have a family. It takes months of planning, booking, and getting things in place before the moving day. You need to empty and clean up your current home, get the new house ready for moving in, and plan out all the details of transport as well. What can you do when bad weather strikes on or very close to moving day? The following will help with bad weather while moving houses.

Are Summer Rainstorms Common in New Zealand?

Over the past few years, rainstorms in summer have become increasingly common all over New Zealand. Summer rains were common, but recent years have seen more problems and destruction. Rainstorms can now occur with little notice, making weather a key factor when moving houses in summer.

Preparing for Bad Weather While Moving Houses

If a rainstorm is confirmed to hit your moving route, you should ideally push moving plans back until the weather is better. Although this is highly desirable, it is not always possible to push moving dates back. At times, you may have to move out of your current home at the preset date irrespective of weather conditions.

Monitor Weather Conditions

Check weather updates, storm warnings, and instances of flooding or damage along your route. Start checking a few days or even weeks before the scheduled move. Being prepared helps avoid last-minute surprises due to bad weather.

Prepare Rain Supplies

Rain gear—rain shoes, waterproof outerwear, umbrellas—can keep you and your family dry and safe during a rainstorm. Have mops, cleaning solutions, and floor coverings ready to protect your home from water damage while the moving company works.

Weatherproof Your Belongings

Pack all your belongings in weatherproof materials and secure them well. If you are packing yourself, ensure you have enough supplies to avoid last-minute shortages.

Consider Temporary Accommodation and Storage

If you cannot stay a few extra days in your current home, book a hotel for your family and move your belongings to a storage space until the weather improves.

Short-term Storage

Wait out the rainstorm by using short-term storage. You can book storage spaces for a few days until the weather clears. This ensures your belongings stay safe.

Storage in Transit

For long-distance moves, find storage services along your route. Inform the service and your moving company so they can use the storage if the weather worsens.

Long-term Storage

If you plan to use long-term storage for some belongings, move all your items there for a few days until the weather improves.

Protect Your Belongings from Water Damage

  • Use water-resistant packaging for all items.
  • Store large electronics, paintings, and other sensitive items in weatherproof storage.
  • Opt for weatherproof and temperature-controlled moving vehicles.
  • Unpack wet items immediately and take steps to prevent damage.
  • Apply weatherproofing coats and varnishes to wood items well in advance.
  • Keep rain gear handy, including extra-large umbrellas for the moving crew.

Delay your move if the weather turns bad, but if that’s not possible, these tips will help keep you and your belongings safe during bad weather while moving houses.

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