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Moving houses can be a tedious and tiring task, especially if you have a lot of delicate and expensive items to move. You may love having mirrors all over the house, or collect artwork that has now filled the walls of your home. Although these look amazing and are a great addition to a home, they can be tricky to move from one house to another. How can you ensure that all your belongings reach your new house in good condition? 

Different Kinds Of Bubble Wrap For Packing

Bubble wraps vary based on the size of the bubbles, their functions, and what kind of goods they can protect. It is good to have at least a basic knowledge of the different kinds of bubble wrap so you can pack more effectively and efficiently. 

There are size variations in bubble wrap that determine what they can best protect and how much protection they offer. The size variations refer to the size differences in the bubbles. The range is from 1/16”, which is extremely small, to 1/2”, which is quite large. Smaller bubbles provide less protection but work well for wrapping small fragile items as they can be wrapped multiple times, if required. Larger bubbles provide a lot of cushioning and work well for larger items or for cushioning large pockets of empty spaces in boxes. 

These are some of the common kinds of bubble wrap used for packing: 

  • Low-grade wrap: These wraps work well to prevent scratches and chipping on the surface of items. They do not provide a lot of cushioning and will not break a fall if a box is dropped. They can be used for separating individual glass item, for example, within a bigger box. 
  • General use wrap: These provide a small amount of padding and work well for basic cushioning and protection. They work well for items that need to be cushioned but are not extremely delicate or fragile. 
  • High grade wrap: These are made of plastic that does not allow the bubbles to pop easily. They provide a very high level of cushioning and can be used to effectively protect large fragile items when moving. 
  • Anti-static wrap: These are a good idea especially for wrapping electronic items that may malfunction or get damaged if there is too much static. Televisions and computers can be wrapped in this kind of wrap while moving houses. 
  • Temperature controlled wrap: These wraps have a layer of insulation which protects the gods wrapped in the bubble wrap from extreme changes in temperature. Items such as artwork that might get damaged by drastic temperature variations can be wrapped in this wrap while moving. 

What To Pack With Bubble Wrap

  • Mirrors
  • Vases and other showpieces
  • Artwork
  • All kinds of electronics items
  • Bone china
  • All kinds of glasses 
  • Glass tables, doors, and shelves
  • Door knobs, handles, and other protruding items of furniture

Pretty much anything that is delicate, can break or get damaged easily, or needs climate protection can be packed using different kinds of bubble wrap when moving houses. 

Why Use Bubble Wrap To Pack When Moving Houses

There are many compelling reasons to use bubble wrap for packing your belongings when moving houses. 

  • Safe to use for you and your belongings: Bubble wrap can be used safely by almost anyone without any harmful effect or allergy problems. It is best to keep bubble wrap away from small kids or supervise them when around bubble wrap, though. Bubble wrap ensures that your belongings, no matter how small, large, or expensive, stay safe during a move. 
  • Inexpensive and reusable packing material: Most bubble wraps are affordable and easy to buy. Moving companies, online stores, and many other shops sell bubble wrap at affordable prices and even in bulk. Bubble wrap can be easily reused, so there is less wastage of packing material. You can also buy biodegradable bubble wrap to make your packing environmentally friendly. 
  • Convenient and flexible for various household items: Bubble wrap is very easy to use, so even if you have never packed using bubble wrap before, you can still get a hang of it with ease. Most bubble wraps are available as sheets or rolls, which means you can wrap them around just about anything to provide cushioning and protection. Irrespective of the shape of various items, bubble wrap can be used effectively to cushion them against impact and movement. 

If you have never moved houses before or packed your household items, and you are a bit lost on how to pack all your belongings, it might be a good idea to hire a professional moving company. If that is not an option because of budget or other constraints, then using bubble wrap can help you pack all your belongings safely and effectively. 


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