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Moving to North Island suburbs can be an exciting time for many, especially families with children looking for a safe and secure place to live, a little away from the city. You are faced with a lot of responsibilities, starting from deciding whether to DIY or hire movers, making a checklist, finding the best furniture removals and movers Auckland, bringing packing materials, and more!

Once you have moved to your new home, the furniture movers and house packers leave you with several boxes full of your stuff. You probably may take your own time to unpack, after which you are left with nearly 30 to 40 empty cardboard boxes lying around. What do you do with them? How do you discard these used cardboard boxes? Do you recycle them? Resues them? Or throw them in the waste? Here are some ideas to discard used cardboard boxes after your move.

Ask Auckland movers if they want them

The ideal way to get rid of the boxes is to check whether the East Auckland movers you have hired would want them. By doing so, you don’t have to worry about how to discard them without causing any stress. If your mover provides the boxes, you will find that they will be happy to take them back. The movers will either reuse these boxes or recycle them based on their condition. 

Reach out to local recycling program

Moving to a new place means that you will have several things that need to be recycled, from moving boxes to packing materials and maybe more. Before you move to the new place, research whether there are local recycling programs that offer a solution to the many cardboard moving boxes you will be left with. The option is a great fit, especially if the boxes have not survived the trip and if they are not fit for reuse.

Get in touch with charity or community organization

Another good way to discard the used cardboard boxes is to reach out to charities, and community organizations and donate to them. Most West Auckland movers are willing to take away the boxes, irrespective of the condition. You must keep in mind that these organizations reuse these boxes, and hence the cardboard boxes must be in good condition when you donate. The plus is that when you donate the boxes, you at least know that the boxes will be used for something meaningful and useful.

Use them for storage/Store them for the next move

Discarding the boxes is not the only option! You can use the boxes to store things that you do not use often or do not use at all, but don’t want to give away. These items take away a lot of space which can be saved if you store them in the boxes and keep them in storage. Besides, you can also nicely bundle the boxes of all shapes and sizes, wrap them up and store them, to be used for your next move. This option is viable if you move often.

Give them away or Re-sell them!

NGOs and various other community organizations are not the only options to donate the used cardboard boxes. There may be many other people or individuals who may need these boxes for different purposes.

  • Give them to a friend or to your family who may want to move as you did.
  • Give away to neighbours who may need it to store some of their unused stuff.
  • Give them to security and other community helpers who need storage options.
  • Leave them by the curb with a note saying ‘free boxes for storage’ and help a stranger who may need them.

Please make sure that your community allows you to keep them by the curb.


There are several ways you can reuse the cardboard boxes lying around your home after a move instead of donating or recycling. Some of the best ways to use them include the following.

  • Use them in DIY home projects.

Some of the interesting ideas include using them to gift-wrap during the holiday season; using them flattened on the floor during a paint job, or when you use the stain-prone liquid; making use of them for art activities.

  • Use them in the garden.

These boxes are more practical for use as they are very versatile. You can use them as a recycling bin for compost waste, like weed killers, or just to kneel on when you are gardening.

  • Save them for play and entertainment.

 Cardboard boxes can offer several hours of entertainment to a toddler and young children. From building forts and castles to mazes, these boxes can be used in several ways. You can make puppets, playhouses, cars, knight’s armour, and more!

When you move from one place to another, hiring Auckland movers, packing, loading, and unpacking can be overwhelming. But discarding the used moving boxes or reusing them is not something to worry about as there are several options to choose from.

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