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You’ve found your dream home. You can’t wait to start living there. But now comes the hard part – moving! Whether it is moving across continents or just down two blocks, moving to a new place can quickly go wrong if you aren’t prepared enough. This is where we come in. We at Easy Move Furniture Removals, Auckland furniture movers, have created a comprehensive checklist for your moving preparation. This easy checklist can help you stay organized and make moving as stress-free as possible.

Four Weeks Before Moving

Make an inventory

Start by determining what you want to take with you to the new home and what you don’t. Make a list of all such belongings by visiting every room by turn.

Let go of things you don’t need

Once you have an inventory ready, get rid of all the unwanted furniture or clothing you don’t plan to take with you. You could either donate to some charities or host a garage sale to get rid of unwanted items.

Order all moving supplies

Since you are packing up your entire household, you will need to order a lot of moving supplies. These include cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tapes, labels and more.

Choose a moving company and make arrangements

Choose the right packers and movers for a seamless moving process. Before you sign the dotted lines, cross-check their credentials, deep-dive into their online reputation and verify a few references.

Two Weeks Before Moving

Arrange for an off on moving day

It is best to inform your office well in advance about your moving plans. Apply for a leave from work early on so you can move without having to juggle work calls.

Change your address

Arrange to change your address with banks, insurance companies and other businesses that may need your new address. While you are at it, share your new address with your friends and family too.

Cancel your memberships

If you have a gym membership in your area and your new home is quite far from it, there is no point driving all the way. Remember to cancel your membership before you move.

Begin packing

By now, you must complete your inventory, label your boxes and identify your valuables. It’s time to start packing starting from non-essential and seasonal items first.

One Week Before Moving

Disassemble big furniture items

Now is the time to start disassembling that bookshelf, bed frame or section couches. It will give you a major relief to see these major chunks of your furniture ready to be moved.

Pack your suitcases

It’s best to pack all the clothes you won’t need in the next few days into your suitcases. You can have a separate moving kit to keep your everyday clothes and essentials until you move.

Start cleaning empty rooms

If you are packing room by room, start cleaning the empty ones. If your landlord is particular about leaving the house as it was when you first came, this could take some time.

Set up utilities at the new home

Ensure you have internet, gas, electricity, water and other such utilities up-to-date, and everything is turned on a week before you move into your new home.

Clean out the refrigerator

Start finishing off the items in your refrigerator so you can clean them as it gets empty. Aim to defrost it at least 24 hours before the moving day. Your fridge must be empty and clean for a hassle-free move.

Moving Day Checklist

Determine which boxes to load up first

The time has come for you to get all the cardboard boxes loaded into the truck, so they can reach their new destination. If there is a certain order in which you want them to be loaded and transported, make sure you have it known to the movers.

Do a final walkthrough

Unless you plan to come again to tie loose ends after the movers leave, this is your last chance to see the house. Do a full sweep of the rooms, closets, and basement to ensure you aren’t leaving anything important behind.

Co-ordinate with the movers

Make sure the movers are arriving at the decided time. Go through any last-minute paperwork once they reach. Make sure they are clear with your expectations and have the new address and contact info.

Hand over the keys

Once all your boxes are loaded and ready to go and you have done a full sweep of the house, it’s time to lock it. You can then return the keys to the landlord.

It’s A Wrap

We hope this detailed checklist helps you with your moving preparation. If you are looking for furniture removals Auckland services, we can take the stress of moving away from you. Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers moving with Auckland Suburbs and around North Island. You could be next!

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