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Dormitory Moving can be super-exciting for freshman year students. However, it can also be understandably confusing and difficult when combined with the stress of leaving home and adjusting to new everything! It’s easy to be confused about what to pack and carry with you. 

Your dorm likely comes with some basic preinstalled furniture but it may not have anything else in it. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to packing your stuff and deciding what you need to take from your room and what you need to buy. It might be easier if you’re moving within Auckland or North Island instead of moving internationally. You can then hire local Auckland furniture movers to help you pack and move all your stuff. Even so, it might be confusing to figure out everything on your own.

So, here’s a list of tips and checklists to help you prepare for moving into your dormitory with ease and take away as much guesswork as possible!

Plan in advance for dormitory moving

Like with every other major thing in life, you must plan for moving into a dormitory well in advance. Start planning your move as soon as possible so you can have enough time to buy packing boxes, dorm room essentials, and anything else you wish to take with you. It will also give you enough time to contact furniture removals in Auckland and give decide on a mutually convenient date for moving.

Once you have finalized a date, you can plan backwards to ensure everything is ready before moving day. You may also have enough time to contact your roommate, if you have one, and plan what each of you will bring so neither of you has to pack extra items. You can also use this time to check the available space in the room and plan your furniture accordingly.

Furniture checklist

While it is likely that your dormitory is equipped with basic furniture such as a bed frame and a desk, it’s important to know what furniture you will require for a comfortable stay. Here’s a list of all the furniture essentials for a dorm room:

·      Bed

·      Desk and chair

·      Storage, preferably tall shelving

·      A chest of drawers or a dresser

·      A mirror

·      A nightstand, if you need one

·      A shoe rack

·      Other stackable storage for your desk

You can coordinate with your roommate to decide if they’re bringing any of these items or decide if you need to bring any of these items from home. If you’re bringing furniture from home, you can enlist the help of furniture removal in Auckland to bring it safely to your dorm.

Other items

Once you have decided on all the big items you need to bring with you including furniture, you will have to think about all the smaller but equally important items you will need. Here’s a list of all major items you will have to bring with you to your new dorm:

·      Clothes and shoes

·      Bedding and pillows

·      Books

·      Computer

·      Desk lamp

·      School supplies

·      Chargers for your computer, phone, and other electronics

·      Cooking appliances and utensils

·      Toiletries

·      Essential medication

You may also choose to bring additional items such as a shower caddy, whiteboard, planner, decorative items like posters, and other miscellaneous items like a flashlight.

Enlist help

While it might be tempting to do everything on your own, it’s a good idea to get help from family and friends. They can help with packing your stuff from home and then unload it at your dormitory and carry it upstairs.

It’s also a good idea to enlist professional furniture removal companies and movers in Auckland to safely pack and transport your furniture and boxes. It will help you avoid the struggles of doing everything on your own and ensure all your items reach your dorm safely.

Check the rules for dormitory moving

Before moving day, be sure to check the moving rules and restrictions of your dormitory. There will probably be a set of rules you will be expected to follow to minimize hassles for other students moving in on the same day. There might also be restrictions on the type of vehicles you can park near the dorm since there may not be enough space for a large truck to park and unload.

Be sure to print a copy of the rules and bring it with you so you can refer to the instructions and avoid breaking the rules.

Personalize the room

Now that all your furniture and other items are safely unloaded in your dorm, it’s time to personalize it! You can do this by arranging (or rearranging) your furniture the way you want along with the furniture that may already be there. Remember to unpack fully before you start decorating the room, though! 

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