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Are you buying new furniture for your home or office? Are you moving houses or offices within the city or between cities? Have you bought a new house and are planning to furnish it with antiques? If yes, you should know that one of the biggest things you will need to plan is the actual furniture delivery of your furniture. Do you have a lot of furniture? Are there any pieces of large furniture to be shipped? Do you own many delicate pieces of furniture?

Measuring Is The First Step

This is a crucial step and can prevent a lot of problems later on. This step should ideally be completed before you buy furniture or decide to move pieces of furniture.

Get a good-sized measuring tape and measure the main entrance, width and height, of your home or office from where you need to get the furniture into the space. Note down these measurements. If you already have a space in mind where the furniture needs to go, measure that area as well to ensure the dimensions are sufficient for your furniture. Note down these measurements as well.

Keep these measurements handy when buying new pieces or deciding which pieces to move from an old place to your new one. This step ensures that you do not get furniture that does not fit the space you have or the entryway to your home or office.

Ensuring Your Furniture Reaches Safely

  • If you live in an area that has frequent or unexpected rain or snow often, ensure that all your furniture is packed in waterproof packaging. This will ensure that the furniture is safe even if it rains during delivery or unloading.
  • Ensure that the delivery people have secured all the doors and drawers in your furniture before moving it. This will minimize furniture damage and avoid the loading and unloading crew getting hurt when moving the furniture.
  • If the road you live on is narrow or is in a bad condition, let the delivery people know beforehand so they drive safely and avoid damaging your furniture trying to navigate a bad road.
  • Ensure that the delivery service ensures all the furniture in the vehicle is delivered safely. This way, you can rest assured that you will at least be able to claim damages if there are any problems during delivery.

Loading And Unloading – What You Need To Know

  • Ensure that the street you are on has adequate parking space and you are allowed to park outside your home or office. Also, check if the height of the vehicle will be a problem and, if yes, find an alternative beforehand.
  • For loading and unloading furniture, ensure that there are at least two people working together, especially when handling large and delicate pieces of furniture.
  • Dismantle furniture that can be taken apart and put together easily so that there is less chance of damage during or after delivery. You can insist on this when the delivery company moves your furniture.

Antiques And Delicate Furniture

Antique furniture can be expensive. They may also hold a lot of emotional value for you. This is the reason you have to take special care when moving such furniture. Most antique items need to be handled with a lot of care. Other delicate items include glass-topped tables, artwork, and ceramic items.

  • Ensure that they are packed well so that there is enough cushioning to avoid damage during transport and loading or unloading. You can use bubble wrapping, pillows, and masking tape to protect the furniture during transport.
  • Hire specialist delivery companies for antique and delicate furniture as these pieces need special care. This will ensure they know how to handle the furniture correctly. 

Tips To Ensure A Smooth Furniture Delivery Experience

  • Ensure you have enough space for the delivery truck to park and load or unload.
  • Ensure there are no security, parking, and loading or unloading issues before the delivery vehicle arrives.
  • Check all the items being delivered to ensure the packaging is not damaged before unloading. If the installation is being done by the delivery people, check all pieces of furniture as they are unpacked for any damages.
  • Know that wooden furniture might need some buffing and polishing work after moving. Scratches and scrapes are unavoidable for the most part, so be prepared for them.

Hiring the right people for the job can make the entire furniture delivery experience pleasant and hassle-free. When you decide to move or buy furniture, from a store or from somewhere else, you should plan well so that you have the moving and delivery arranged well in time so that there are no last-minute surprises. You should do your research, read online reviews, and talk to people you know and trust to find a good delivery company for your furniture.


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