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Furniture Movers Blockhouse Bay. Situated on the northern coast of the Manukau Harbour, the suburb of Blockhouse Bay is a coastal dreamland to live in. Located a mere 11 kilometres from Auckland CBD, Blockhouse Bay is surrounded by the suburbs of New Windsor, Lynfield, Green Bay and New Lynn.

Blockhouse Bay was a popular summer getaway for families living in Auckland in the 1920s who wanted to beat the heat with some beach time. With sweeping views of the harbour, this suburb has been quite popular with first-time homeowners. In fact, you will find that many houses have superb views of the ocean.

Blockhouse Bay is home to an increasing number of young families who are attracted to the top-notch educational institutes and schools in the area.

The suburb is a great place to move to with your family. It balances the simple village feel with some of the most top-notch schools and colleges on the north island. What’s more, the ocean keeps the weather absolutely blissful all year round.

Furniture Movers Blockhouse Bay

If you are someone thinking of moving to Blockhouse Bay or even from it, let us introduce ourselves to you. We are Easy Move Furniture Removals, Furniture Movers Blockhouse Bay and we cater to Auckland and the North Island. We believe in providing the most cost-effective and efficient packing and moving services to all our customers.

All our services, from house removals to moving and packing are customizable. We urge us to give us a quick call on 0 800 4 EASYMOVE to discuss your moving plans, and we are sure we have the right services for you.

Let us handle your packing and moving stress

At Easy Move Furniture Removals, we understand that moving homes or offices isn’t a simple task. It requires planning and coordination. It needs a lot of care and attention to detail. In a nutshell, it needs professionals. Our team of experts have years and years of experience under their belt. They know what a successful move is and they know how to do it, every single time.

Some of the many things that we take care of during each move are:

1) Efficient packing

We are absolute geeks for packing items in a safe and orderly manner. When you book a job with us, our experts first have a quick look at the items that are to be packed and moved. This is to ensure that have the correct type of packing materials for everything.

2) Careful loading and unloading

Unfortunately, most the accidents during a move happen during the loading/unloading process. That is why we are super careful. Our moving experts and U-haul drivers have a lot of experience manoeuvring the trickiest items possible. Fret not, with us, all your cherished belongings are in safe hands.

3) Correct unpacking

Once all the boxes have been carefully transported to the destination, we assure you that the correct boxes reach the correct rooms. Please note that if you require our expert assistance with unpacking, that is a service we provide.

Why choose Furniture Movers Blockhouse Bay

Well, the real question is Why Not? Easy Move Furniture Removals cater to all of Auckland and the North Island area. Reviews from customers will tell you how and why we are such a loved moving and packing service.

1) Upfront when it comes to costs

At Easy Move Furniture Removals, we do not believe in hidden costs. You can get a free estimate on our website by just answering a few questions. What’s more, all our experts are very upfront when giving you an estimate. As a company, we believe in being upfront with the customers, especially about things like costs.

2) Furniture Movers Blockhouse Bay experienced team

We doubt that you will find professionals with more moving and packing experience than the ones who work with us. Among them, our professionals have decades of experience and know-how to handle any and every job. We are very proud of our team, and once you meet them, you will be too.

3) That friendly, family feeling

While experience is important, something that is equally important is the feeling of family. When it comes to our team and our customers, we like to consider all of us to be a part of the same family. It is because of this feeling that our experts are able to put that extra love and care into every move. Working with us is like having your best mates give you a hand. The only difference is that these mates are absolute professionals.

4) Cost-effective rates

Things are quite expensive these days, but your move doesn’t have to be. Visit our website for some of the most cost-effective rates for packing, moving, furniture removal, and everything else.

Sounds neat, doesn’t it? If you want to know more about us or have questions of your own, give us a call at 0800 4 EASYMOVE. One of our customer care executives will be more than pleased to help you out.

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