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What with the great risks and costs involved in hiring a Moving Company, moving can end up being an extremely challenging and overwhelming experience for most. However, that doesn’t imply that you cannot make a smooth and hassle free transition from your old house to a new one! Surprisingly, among the hundreds and thousands of moves that take place in Auckland and the surrounding areas every year, a majority of them go on without any glitches and leave the customers highly satisfied with the services.

So, what exactly it is that you can do to ensure that moving to your new place of residence is a comfortable and problem free experience? Well, the answer to the aforementioned question lies in the act of hiring the right moving company for the job.

When you’re hiring a moving company, you are essentially letting a bunch of strangers invade your private space and tamper with your most cherished personal belongings. It goes without saying, that you need to be extra cautious with who you choose to trust with handling your personal items the right way. As such, here is a list of a few major things that must consider while hiring a moving company.

Identify your needs

Even before you step into the market and shop for a moving company, you need to consider as to what exactly your moving needs are. In other words, you need to identify the type of move you will be making. For instance, if you need to make a long distance move from one part of the country to the other, you would need a moving company with an interstate license. On the other hand, if you are planning to move to a different part of the same state, you can go for a regular intrastate mover as well. Identifying your moving needs will help you shortlist your choice of moving companies in a more efficient manner.

Do your research

To avoid your moving experience becoming a nightmarish experience, you need to refrain from rushing things. You must take your time in researching the various options available in the market. In addition to searching for moving companies on the internet, you may also take the help of your friends and family in locating any reliable movers that they might have taken the services from in the past. It is also a good idea to take recommendations from your local real estate agents as they are usually well aware of the service providers in your neighborhood.

Consider the company’s background

Once you have zeroed in on a list of recommended moving companies in your area, you can begin shortlisting your best options by extracting information about their backgrounds. For starters, you may go to the moving companies’ websites and have a look at their ‘about us’ and ‘home’ pages to get information about how long they have been in the business and whether they are an established enterprise or a startup. Doing this will help you identify movers that have a substantial experience in the business and are capable of making secure and timely deliveries in the past as well.

Check the online reviews

While you are making a background check on your shortlisted movers, you might also go through any online reviews that the customers might have dropped in on the website. User reviews can be extremely helpful in determining both the reputation of a moving company and whether or not it lives up to the promises it makes to its customers. While a greater number of positive reviews can imply that the company is reliable and has a record of keeping its customer’s happy, more number of negative comments from irate users is a sure shot indicator of a company’s poor customer service. Online user reviews are a great tool for weeding out unreliable and incompetent movers from your list and discovering the good ones that you might have initially missed out on.

Get proper estimates

You must absolutely refrain from getting cost estimates over the phone as they are rarely accurate. It is not only extremely difficult for the homeowner to provide accurate details of the items to be moved, but also nearly impossible for the movers to be able to accurately gauge the right cost estimate without actually looking at the items. As such, you must ensure that the moving company sends over a worker for an in-home survey to evaluate your belongings in person and then provide you a proper cost estimate in writing. In addition to this, the cost estimate must properly list out the breakup of the various fees and expenses included within. Once you are well aware of what exactly the rates include, you can rest assured that you would not be bombarded with an exorbitant final bill inclusive of hidden costs that were earlier not accounted for.


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