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Looking for the best House Packers Auckland? Moving your house can be a stressful and exhausting experience, not to mention the cost of hiring trucks, and supplies, and the time spent packing and unpacking. While a convenient option is to hire House Packers and furniture movers, many people are confused when it comes to choosing the right House Packers Auckland.

Whether your moving requirements are small or complex, it is important to hire dependable, licensed, and highly-rated Auckland Movers. Here are some of the things to look for in House Packers Auckland to choose the best one:

Four things to evaluate in House Packers Auckland

Registration and licenses -Whether you wish to House Packers Auckland, the first thing to check is whether the house packers have a valid license and registration. Give preference to furniture movers registered with relevant moving authorities such as BAR   (British Association of Removals), PAIMA (Pan American International Movers Association), and IAM (International Association of Movers). You can check the house packers’ registration number online to confirm the same.

Pricing – Professional House Movers provide, per hour or price for total distance. Hourly rates are typically charged for short-distance moves and these rates vary based on the size of the apartment or the number of bedrooms that need to be moved. In the case of long-distance moves, the charges may depend on the freight load. Additional charges will apply for moving the spa pool and piano apart from the packing materials and storage facility. Creating an accurate list of possessions and valuables that need to be moved will help the house packers arrange for packing boxes and materials required for perfect packing and ensure safe loading and transportation. The list will also help the company provide an accurate quote that includes all the services that you are looking for.

While affordability is an important factor, it is also important to check the value add the company provides. For instance, top-ranking Auckland movers offer a complete package that includes packing service, cleaning service, and unpacking to remove the hassles of moving. Verify also if the house packers are experienced in moving heavy items such as spa pools, pianos, pool tables, or office furniture.

Insurance – Ask the house packers about the insurance coverage and whether this comes at an additional cost or is included in the quote. Top house packers in Auckland include insurance cover for any damage or loss to goods intentionally caused while in transit. They also carry Public Liability insurance that covers property damage when they are found to be negligent (such as dropping an item accidentally) and Carriers Liability insurance that covers your furniture in transit. In the event of a collision, overturning, or fire, the insurance covers the cost of your furniture damage. Certain items are not covered by the Carrier’s Liability insurance, such as glass, pot plants, and electrical appliances. Discussing with the house packers before you hire them what types of insurance they have and what is not included in the quote will help you prepare ahead.  If you need comprehensive coverage, talk to your insurance company or check if your office relocation insurance provides additional coverage.

Social distancing and contactless services: While moving house is hectic at any time, relocating during the ongoing pandemic is more of a challenge.  While it is advisable to not plan a move during the health crisis if it is unavoidable, hiring the best of careful House Packers Auckland and movers Auckland city is your best bet. Ensure the house packers are committed to following the hygiene practices and social distancing protocols recommended by the government. Top-rated professional furniture movers in Auckland provide virtual and contactless quotes that help customers avoid coming to the house packer’s office to complete the process of booking.

Check also if the Auckland movers use safety gear such as hand gloves, sanitisers, face masks, and face shields whether the relocation is between suburbs from Auckland to North Island suburbs or within Auckland.

You can ensure optimum safety by choosing Auckland movers who are taking care to limit the number of movers for each move to avoid overcrowding and prevent the virus from spreading.  Verify also if the house packers sanitize all the equipment and tools before and after the move and that the furniture removals company adopts the highest safety and hygiene standards by disinfecting and cleaning their vehicles. The Auckland Movers’ website usually gives all the information on the health and safety practices they are following. If the website does not list these, call up the house packers and ask about the health protocols they are following.

Apart from the above points, you can also check the customer testimonials on the House Packers Auckland website. These strategies will definitely help you in choosing a highly professional and dependable House Packers Auckland and Moving company.

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