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Hire House Packers during the pandemic. Go for responsible movers in Auckland only

Restrictions on people’s movement in and around Auckland may have eased out slightly, but the truth is that the battle against the coronavirus is still on around the globe. A lot of people have sunk into deep disappointment after the pandemic and the lockdown has put a lid on many of their plans. Some may have had plans to travel to their favourite vacation spot, tie the knot with their love, or relocate to a new house.When it comes to moving to a new house, things are no longer the same as in the pre-pandemic world. Many countries have made social distancing a strict norm, meaning everything has to be done in a contactless manner. This raises the question in the minds of house-movers—is hiring house packers during the pandemic a good idea during these times? The answer to this question may vary from individual to individual.

Movers in Auckland are known to provide convenient and easy moving options from Auckland to the North Island suburbs. They are known for their professionalism and efficiency—something that’s really desired during a critical job like moving a house. These house packers have the right packing materials and logistics in place for making the move hassle-free for people.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the scenario to a great extent. There’s no doubt in the fact that moving a house is quite a stressful job. Believe it or not, packing and moving certain things like your heavy furniture and appliances cannot be done single-handedly. You need the help of movers in Auckland for the purpose. Now, however, most people are having to either do everything themselves or postpone their move altogether. They are reluctant to contact house packers and furniture removals for fear of catching the infection.

During the moving process, sticking to social distancing norms may not be possible, especially if you are staying in a small apartment. If you hire house packers during the pandemic, you have to respect these norms for everyone’s safety. Your only option here would be to hire professional Auckland movers who can assume responsibility for their clients’ safety. If you are moving to the North Islands from Auckland, then professional movers who have safety measures in place will surely be a major relief.

House packers and furniture removal services get an incentive if they practice COVID-19 safety measures. Some of these include wiping and sanitizing all moving equipment, wearing gloves and face masks, and keeping the 6-feet safety distance between themselves and you. Professional movers are now trained to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, meaning you can certainly rely on their services.

How to keep yourself safe while moving homes during the pandemic?

In case you can’t do without hiring movers in Auckland and postponing the move isn’t possible for you, then it’s necessary that you take some safety precautions for yourself. Just because your hired moving company is being responsible doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. Here are some safety precautions that you should follow without fail while moving during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Cover your mouth and nose: This health precaution is buzzing everywhere because the virus enters your system through respiratory droplets in the air or by touching your face with infected hands. Hence, face masks and disposable gloves are the requirements everywhere. Make sure you are wearing your safety gear when house packers and furniture removals reach your place.
  • Check your movers: You may have hired the best movers in Auckland, but you should still check their safety measures for your own peace of mind. When your house packers arrive, make sure you sanitize their hands. Ask for new or sanitized cardboard boxes and packaging material because the virus can thrive on open surfaces for up to 24 hours. Your moving professionals should be wearing their PPE, mask, and gloves before they enter your house.
  • Go digital: To curb the spread of the infection, the world has become everything contactless. If you have the touch-me-not attitude right now, then going digital would be of great help. Consider having all communications through emails to minimize face-to-face contact and make payments online to avoid cash transactions. Most companies accept online payments through different platforms. So, it shouldn’t be difficult for you.
  • Sanitize everything once you reach your destination: No matter where you move from Auckland, you are never safe from the infection. Fresh positive cases are emerging everywhere. So, you cannot be entirely sure that your move has been safe. So, once you reach your destination, make sure you sanitize everything before unpacking. This will help in countering COVID-19, if you may have passed through high-risk areas.

The above discussion makes it clear that hiring house packers during the pandemic is quite a subjective choice. If possible, you should try to postpone the move for your own safety. But in case you can’t and you need Auckland movers, then make sure you hire a company that has all the required safety precautions in place.

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