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Moving to Auckland suburbs or a whole new city can be exciting as well as overwhelming. Relocating from one home to another takes time and effort as you need to wrap your whole life in boxes, move to a new place, and restart your life. One of the best ways to relocate is to make a checklist of things to do. From hiring Movers to changing your address, payment of utilities, packing, and more, a checklist can help you in a smooth transition.

Did you know that there are several things other than those on a checklist that you must consider when you move? There are various items that Auckland Movers refuse to transport, which are considered hazardous. There are several items that need expertise when they must be packed and moved such as a piano and antiques. One such item that needs a lot of consideration when you move is your house plants.

Can you take your plant to a new city?

Most people spend a lot of time looking for furniture removals and movers Auckland, making a checklist, and preparing for the move, unaware that there are compliance laws that may restrict the movement of plants from one country to another, or from one city to another as well. Every city has a different law, and when you move, you must first understand the laws that govern the city you are moving to. You may unintentionally and unknowingly try to smuggle species of plants to your new home which can lead to trouble. Besides, wouldn’t it hurt to leave your favourite plant with a stranger at the border who may or may not look after them? You can talk to East Auckland movers and consult with them before you prepare to pack your favourite plant.

  • City guidelines

Differentcitys have different laws that regulate importing plants. While some cities allow only those plants that are grown indoors to be imported, others allow plants that are potted in some kind of soil. If you want to decide whether taking your plant is the right choice you are making, it is vital to understand the shipment regulations of plants. You can consult with the concerned authorities or consult with the West Auckland movers you have hired. Most movers are made aware of the rules and regulations set by the government.

  • The growing conditions

You may be happy to know that the city you are moving to permits the import of the house plants you own. But that is not the only concern to ponder on. When it comes to moving the plants, you must also consider whether your plan will thrive in the environment you are moving to. Dry and moist conditions and outdoor climatic conditions can affect indoor plants as well. It is vital to check whether the conditions are favourable for the plants, and only then should you decide whether to take them with you or leave them with a friend.

Each city has different compliance with the law when it comes to moving plants, and the climatic condition also plays a major role in determining whether plants can be moved. To ensure that your plants arrive at your new home safely and in good health, you must do a little prep work.

How to take your house plant to a new city?

House plants are a special part of your life. They are the living and breathing organisms that may hold sentimental value to you, or maybe it reflects your efforts. You may have seen them grow from a seed or a sapling, and love them like a family. House plants require special care when you move, especially from one state to another. Due to the lack of airflow, transporting living items in a moving truck is not considered to be ideal. Many furniture movers and house packers refuse to transport plants. But there are a few who consider taking them and offering their services to ensure their health and wellness. 

  • Prepare them for the move
    • A few weeks before the move, re-pot the plants in a plastic container using fresh and sterile soil. This allows the plants to settle. You can pack the empty clay pots like you pack any delicate item.
    • Use a flea collar and place them on the base of each pot to draw out pests. Make sure you have a certified inspection if the state guidelines ask for it, and keep them safe and ready.
    • Water the plants two or three days before the move. The soil must be moist but not wet.
  • Pack the plants
    • Use a plastic bag to pack the pot. Place it over the pot and tie it at the end. It helps to keep the soil contained.
    • Place the pot in a box that has a base that is strong and sturdy
    • Do not leave gaps. Fill in extra space with newspaper, packing paper, or waste cloth to secure the pots. Leave enough room for the plants to breathe.
    • Poke enough holes in the box to allow airflow
    • Label them fragile or ‘live plants’

You can either put them in the car with you if you are driving, or send them along with other belongings as long as the movers are willing to transport them.

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