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Moving to North Island suburbs can be exciting, especially if you have always lived in the city. From making a checklist of things to do to finding the best house packers, every step is crucial and defines how ideally the home move takes place. But what if you have to leave in a hurry? What if you have just a week to find Auckland movers, pack your belongings and move to a new home?

How to find the best furniture movers when you are short of time?

The first and foremost tip when you are packing in a hurry is to find movers Auckland. Finding the finest and the most suitable movers takes time and effort. Even when you are in a hurry, you cannot compromise on seeking the best service. Here are some tips for finding the finest furniture removals in the shortest of time.

  • Tip – 1: How long has the company been in business? If the company is new, it is hard to tell how good their services are. Pay attention to the details they take and the number of questions they ask during the estimate. It shows that the company cares about your requirements.
  • Tip – 2: To ensure that your belongings are safe, look for a licensed and insured moving company. Look for the Department of Transportation licensing and insurance information on their company website.
  • Tip – 3: Check if they have the equipment and manpower to perform the job. Make sure that you inform the movers if you need special items moved, such as a piano, gun safes, among others.
  • Tip – 4: Look for references and reviews. Check out the reviews online. It is ideal to avoid 1- and 5-star reviews as it is easy to promote as well as discredit a company.
  • Tip – 5: Don’t forget to check whether the movers service the area you prefer. Look into the maps provided or the list of areas they serve.
  • Tip – 6: When in a hurry, don’t waste your time checking out all service providers. Look for large companies with a franchise as there is a great chance that they have the right equipment.
  • Tip – 7: Don’t look for the best west Auckland movers, look for the best movers for you. Look for the one you feel comfortable working with instead of the one that is recommended by someone.

Once you have shortlisted and booked the best and the most suitable east Auckland movers, there are several tasks in hand, starting with making a checklist and following it through.

Tips to pack and move in a hurry!

Several great movers across Auckland such as Henderson movers understand that customers have to sometimes hurry due to several reasons. A checklist helps you stay organized, especially when you are in a hurry. In addition to making a checklist, figuring out how to rush everything is important. Here are a few tips to help you!

  • Tip – 1: Do not panic!

The most common mistake that many people make is that they panic and lose track of what they are doing. Yes! Moving causes stress, and when you have to move within a limited time, the stress is more. But panicking only makes things worse. You have booked the best movers; you have a checklist; now, take one step at a time and things will fall in their rightful place.

  • Tip – 2: Organize everything before you start packing

Packing is not the only cumbersome task of moving from one home to another. Unpacking can be unnerving, especially if you have not organized all your belongings while packing. Before you bring in the boxes and the bubble wrap, organize everything into keep, throw, store, or donate.

  • Tip – 3: Don’t think twice, get rid of things you don’t need

Did you know that it is easier to pack and unpack when you have fewer things? When you are moving in a hurry, packing the least number of things is the easiest way to follow. Once you have organized all your belongings, be ruthless, and get rid of things that you don’t need. If you are having second thoughts, get rid of those things first.

  • Tip – 4: Pack an essential bag

It is always hard to unpack everything on the first day. To make things easier, pack an essentials bag with everything that you would pack when you go on a trip for a day or two. Include medicines, toiletries, two sets of clothes, chargers, as well as important documents.

  • Tip – 5: Gather all the supplies you need and start packing

When you are organized, and you have your essentials ready, all you need is packing materials such as boxes, tapes, labels, and furniture protectors, among others. Packing tips include –

  • Leave the clothes in your dresser if they aren’t too heavy, and pack the dresser/drawer as is.
  • Use soft clothing such as socks to wrap breakables
  • Pack clothes as they are in the closet. You can wrap a garbage bag around unfolded clothes hanging in the closet.

Don’t forget to label all boxes as doing so will help you unpack it easier. You can number them as well to ensure they are not lost in transit.

Let Auckland movers take responsibility instead of you taking all the stress. When in a hurry, it is ideal to ask for help from family and friends, or from movers who can do a professional job even in the least time provided.


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