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Moving houses or even small pieces of furniture or other items in the house can be difficult if you do not know how to go about it. If you have never moved houses before, it can be quite confusing to understand how everything works. In the context of moving household items or small houses, what are man and a van services? When should you hire man and a van services? Are man and a van services different from normal moving companies? 

What are man and a van services?

A man and a van service is exactly what it sounds like – a man driving a van. helping you move your things from one place to another. They are different from normal moving companies in that they are one-man services. There is no extra help in terms of loading and unloading your items, although the van driver usually helps wherever required. 

Man and a van services usually include exactly that the name says, a man and a van. There are no large trucks or trailers that you can book through these services. They are mid-sized vans that can accommodate a few pieces of furniture and other household items. The vans come with cushioning to protect delicate items and hooks to tie items down during a move. 

When can you use man and a van services?

One of the biggest reasons people choose these services is the services are relatively inexpensive in comparison with hiring large packing and moving companies. Man and a van services are basic services that are useful for the purpose of moving your items from one destination to another. If you have a small budget for moving and cannot afford a large moving company, then these services can come to your rescue when moving houses or other items.

It is a good idea to use these services when you do not have a lot of things or many large items to move at the same time. Vans that are a part of these services are usually midsized vehicles. They can fit most standard-sized household items, exceptions being oversized customized furniture or showpieces. These services are perfect for moving small houses within the same city or even between nearby cities or towns. 

If you plan to pack all your belongings on your own and if you have someone to help you load and unload all your belongings, the man with a van services can work well for you. People who have moved before or know how to pack various items in the house for safe movement can choose this service to move their belongings safely form one destination to another. 

If you have specialized items like expensive paintings or delicate and brittle items to move, man with a van services can be very helpful. There are services that specialize in moving paintings and other delicate items that must be handled and moved with a lot of care. 

Why should you use man and a van services?

There are a number of reasons for choosing man with a van for your next move: 

  • They are relatively less expensive than a large moving company services.
  • They are basic services that are perfect for small moves or moving small items across the city to a new home or destination. 
  • Most services run all days of the week, so weekend moving plans are possible. 
  • If you are a single person or a student looking to move on a budget, then these services are perfect for you. 

Man with a van services on TradeMe

TradeMe is a classifieds and trading website used for selling and buying new and used products and hire services all over New Zealand. TradeMe lists a number of man with a van services for domestic and national moving. Most people use these moving services for domestic purposes, and therefore, these listings are more common than intercity services on the website. The website has listings for man with a van services for most towns and cities in the country, so you can use specific searches to get listings for the services you need. 

Tips for moving with man and a van services

  • Use these services for moving only individual large items or small houses, as there is limited space. 
  • You need to know how to load and unload or have someone with you who does if you hire a man with a van service. 
  • Ensure that you hire the right service for the items you need to move. 
  • Check listings on TradeMe for genuine man with a van.

Man with a van are a great idea if you do not have a lot of things to move and are working on a tight budget. These services make moving quick, easy, and hassle free for you and ensure all your items are safe during the move.

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