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Relocating to another location is always a major source of stress and anxiety. There are numerous ways in which things can go wrong especially if the amount of luggage is extremely high. Added to this, there is often a lack of transparency and standardized practices in the moving and packing service. With the steady progress of modern technologies such as GPS tracking, online services, IoT and QR /barcodes, businesses in the moving and packaging sector are in a race to adopt the best technologies and practices to solve some of the major problems that have been plaguing the sector. Mentioned below are some of the concerns and issues that a consumer faces today while engaging in a traditional moving service.

  • Time-intensive processes- Keeping track and physically accounting for each and every package not only takes time and effort but also capital in the form of physical markers and records. Traditional relocation services require extensive planning that often consumes a lot of time. Human error creeps in which can cause further loss of time in rectification. Additionally, there are no means of getting live updates on the delivery progress or making contact with the team. The vital task of checking in and checking out and tallying the count of all the packages is one of the most time-consuming aspects of relocation.
  • Mismanagement of goods- Without the use of modern tracking features, there is no failsafe method of keeping a track of your personal belongings. A common occurrence in the moving and packing industry is the loss or misplacement of goods. Added to this, certain packages and goods need careful handling or have special packaging needs. Such details can be easily lost to the field operative and handlers which can result in damage.
  • Mismatch of schedules- The timing of the arrival of your personal belongings must closely match your arrival. Delays in arrivals of goods result in a delay in you moving into your new home of office space. This can cause serious lags in your timelines and life plans in general.  

The above-mentioned concerns can be resolved through the use of modern technologies and innovative packaging and storing options. The applications of modern tracking, scanning and software technologies find widespread applications in this industry.

Use of modern technologies in relocation services

Mentioned below are some key technologies and their advantages in the relocation industry.

  • Using barcodes and QR codes- QR codes and barcodes are a cost-effective and reliable way of marking your goods and storing relevant information. QR codes can be easily scanned using smartphones and relevant information can be easily viewed. For example, if there are delicate belongings inside a package or if a package needs to be handled in a specific way, such instructions can be stored on coded stickers, which can be easily scanned by the field team. QR codes can also store details such as the name of the owner, scheduled destination and time of delivery.
  • GPS technology for live tracking- Incorporating GPS tracking technology has become extremely simple and affordable. The trucks and carriers transporting the various goods and packages can be tagged with GPS locators which transmit live location all the time. By making this data available on smartphones, customers can easily track their deliveries and monitor their progress. Large containers or packages carrying valuable or expensive goods can be additionally tagged with GPS to safeguard against loss or misplacement.  
  • Smartphone platform- Most services today are available online that support smartphones. With the rise of SaaS (software as a service), customers today have access to limitless information and services on their smartphones. By establishing a mobile platform for booking, scheduling and tracking relocation services, consumers can save time and cost by booking services on the go. Also, as mentioned above through QR codes and GPS features live tracking and update of status is possible. Customers can have access to this information on their smartphones via easy to use dashboards.  
  • Incorporating RFID technologies- RFID tags are cheap and extremely easy to detect with proper scanners. By using RFID tags on packages, the process of accounting and checking in/out of packages can be streamlined. By marking packages with RFID tags they can be scanned during the time of loading to update all the parties about the initiation of transport. Consequently, upon successful delivery, they can be scanned again to notify everyone of the successful completion of delivery.   

Adopting such technologies obviously comes at a cost, but most of these are just a single time investment which provides long-term and consistent benefits. The idea is to use the available technological resources to create an effective “network” which can be constantly monitored and updated. By incorporating such modern technologies complete end-to-end transparency and update of live data can be achieved which can lead to higher process efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.


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