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Movers Avondale. Avondale a beautiful suburb of Central Auckland, is a good place for people looking for affordability and proximity to the Central Business District. The place was originally called Te Whau, a name of Māori origin.

Avondale has a population of about 20,082. It is a peaceful and diverse community made up of people of various ethnicities, such as European/Pakeha, Maori, Pacific peoples, Asians, and others. The first European settlement in the area dates back to 1843, with the suburban development starting in the mid-1920s.

Moving to Avondale

Avondale is an extremely beautiful suburb to reside in Auckland. It is a place with modern amenities while still retaining a village vibe. It has heaps of facilities and activities to offer its residents. The Avondale Markets are a good place to buy fresh produce. There are numerous parks, waterside walks, and beautiful mangrove forests to entice nature lovers. The community is diverse, friendly, and welcoming. There are numerous activities like community gardening, conducted to strengthen the bond between the residents. All these things will make you feel at home instantly.

Moving your home or office to Avondale is an excellent decision. However, moving to a new place comes with its own difficulties. It is stressful and involves a lot of work. This is when a professional mover like Movers Avondale, Easy Move Furniture Removals becomes important. We have years of knowledge in shifting homes and offices. With our skills and expertise, the entire moving process will be a walk in the park for you.

Movers Avondale for all your moving problems

Movers Avondale is an experienced moving company that provides moving services for home and office shifting. The Movers Avondale team is specialized in all aspects of the moving process. We do everything possible to make the moving experience for our clients efficient and pleasant. There are personalized packages available for clients with specific needs. The numerous services offered by Movers Avondale, Easy Move Furniture Removals include:

Packing and unpacking

We offer packing and unpacking services to clients as per their requests. All the household items are packed neatly in boxes of appropriate sizes. High-quality materials like bubble sheets, cardboard boxes, stretch film rolls, furrowed sheets, or foam peanuts are used to avoid any scratches or damage to your belongings. We also do careful assembling and disassembling of whiteware and furniture. Unpacking services are also provided to busy clients who request them.

Loading and unloading

These are the trickiest parts of the moving process, especially when you have heavy possessions like refrigerators, washing machines, or bulky musical instruments like the piano. Lifting them and loading them into the moving van will be a strenuous task requiring the skills of a professional. Our expert workers will carefully load and unload all your precious possessions without causing even the slightest damage.


We have well-maintained moving vehicles that can transport your belongings to their destination securely and without delay. Our drivers have years of experience, and they will do everything possible to make sure that your possessions reach you without any damage during transit.

Reasons for choosing Easy Move Furniture Removals

When you are moving offices or homes, it is better to hire an experienced professional mover like Easy Move Furniture Removals. There are numerous advantages to hiring our services, including:

Peace of mind

The moving process involves a lot of activities, including packing, unpacking, and transporting valuable and expensive items. This is a risky task that can cause a lot of stress. It can feel a bit overwhelming, especially with busy schedules. By hiring a competent moving agency like ours, you can rest easy while we take care of every single detail.


The expert professionals at Movers Avondale possess years of experience in packing and moving precious belongings without causing breakage during transit. You can hire us to have a reliable and smooth moving process.


If you are attempting to move your home or office, especially for the first time, it will take a lot of time to plan and arrange all the aspects of the move. But a professional moving company like Movers Avondale will be able to complete all the packing, loading, and transporting of belongings in a matter of days. This saves a lot of your precious time amidst your busy schedules.


If you are attempting a move by yourself, it is possible that you may suffer some financial loss due to unnecessary expenditures. But when you hire an experienced mover like Easy Move, you need not worry about such unwanted expenditures and you can save some money.

No likelihood of injury

Lifting and loading heavy household items is a strenuous task that can cause injuries if done without proper skill. If such an injury happens, your move might even be delayed, leading to unnecessary losses. Hiring an experienced and reliable agency like Movers Avondale Easy Move Furniture Removals will solve this issue for you. Get a quote.

Movers Avondale

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