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Movers Eden Terrace. Located a mere 2 kilometres from the bustling metropolis of Auckland, Eden Terrace gets so many things right. It is the perfect balance between the liveliness of Auckland and the chill of the suburb. Eden Terrace is a city fringe living at its finest. You get the best eateries and none of the city crowd. You are a stone’s throw away from Auckland yet far enough to not be bothered by its constant hustle and bustle.

Along with Grafton and Newton, Eden Terrace comprises Uptown Auckland. You have to admit, “Uptown” has a nice ring to it! Interestingly, Eden Terrace is one of Auckland’s oldest suburbs and was established way back in the 1860s. Apart from its historical roots, Eden Terrace is also tiny. At just over 47 hectares, Eden Terrace gives a new meaning to the term “tight-knit community”. The total population of Eden Terrace is just a few shy of 4,000.

City Fringe living at its best

All in all, Eden Terrace is the perfect Auckland suburb to move to. It might seem small, but this little slice of heaven punches way above its weight and gives you the perfect mix of city and suburban life. In our humble opinion, Eden Terrace is a fantastic place to move to. If there is a move to or from Eden Terrace that you are contemplating, Easy Move Furniture Removals is the service for you.

Who we are

We are a top-rated removal service and cater to the entire Auckland area. As a company, we understand the importance of clean, efficient, and quick services. That is exactly what we aim to provide to all our customers. Our services are affordable and easy to book.

Whether you are moving apartments, houses, units, flats, or offices, our wide range of services is sure to give you door-to-door coverage. Our team of experts understands how inherently stressful packing and moving can be. Couple it up with a full work schedule and things can get pretty out of hand pretty quickly. So why voluntarily take on all that stress when we can do everything from packing to loading to unpacking for you? Should you need it, we also provide furniture assembly and disassembly services.

At Easy Move Furniture Removals, we do both local and inter-city moves across New Zealand’s North Island. If you are someone who has an upcoming move, you can answer a few questions on our website and get your free quote.

Advantages of letting us pack for you

Packing and moving sound quite simple. In fact, it seems so straightforward that people often feel that there is no need for any outside help. But, trust us, packing isn’t as easy as it seems. A lot of things need to be just right to ensure a move is smooth. From having the right boxes, packing all items a certain way, and picking boxes in a manner that doesn’t hurt your back to driving the U-haul safely and at the right speed, we could go on! As we said, too many things have to align beautifully to result in a move in which nothing is damaged and everything is accounted for.

Let us quickly show you why it is a great idea to hire us to do all the packing and moving and unloading for you:

1) Packing up a storm

Our team takes the time to carefully assess all your items that need to be packed and moved before coming up with an expert action plan on how to go about it. This initial assessment allows us to choose the correct packing materials that are suited for your items. For example, if you have crystal items, they will need to be wrapped in bubble wrap with the bubble side facing outward. But that’s not enough, the packed crystal items then need to go into a tight-fit cardboard sleeve. So once we do an assessment of your items, you will probably find us geeking out over getting the perfect packing material.

2) Movers Eden Terrace Load, Load, Load

Once the packing is completed with near-perfection, we get onto the loading part. In our opinion, loading and unloading are where most of the damage to packed items takes place. Our expert team of line-haul drivers have decades of experience between them and can load and unload even the trickiest pieces of furniture. Even after your belongings are carefully and correctly loaded, we ensure that transit is safe.

3) And Movers Eden Terrace we are almost done

Once at the destination, our team of expert Movers Eden Terrace unloads all your boxes carefully. These are then diligently placed in the correct rooms to make the unpacking process that much easier for everyone. Now, if you require help with furniture disassembly and assembly, those are the services we provide. Also, we can help with disconnection and subsequent connection of your whiteware appliances.

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote and let us do all the (literal) heavy lifting for you.

Movers Eden Terrace

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