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Movers Ellerslie. To say that Ellerslie has that old-world suburban charm would be quite an understatement. Part of the Orakei Council, this beautiful suburb of Auckland borders Cornwall Park and the One Tree Hill area on the west. Ellerslie is well-known across the country as the location for Auckland’s main horse-racing venue. Ellerslie is a lovely little town of just over 9,000 people. And if you ask us, it’s an absolutely great place to move to. Not only is it a brilliant suburb to raise your kids in, but it’s also a tight-knit community where you could easily spend your retirement years.

Interestingly, the suburb of Ellerslie was also the original host of the Ellerslie Flower Show. The town hosted the show from its inception in 1994 till 2008, after which the show moved to Christchurch on the south island.

This beautiful suburb with its beautiful people and its beautiful meteorite is the area we lovingly cater to at Easy Move Furniture Removals, Movers Ellerslie. Yup meteor! For the unaware, a meteorite crashed through the roof of a house right here in Ellerslie back in 2004. The rock is actually over 4,600 million years old and is currently being displayed at the Auckland Museum!

Getting back to the association with Movers Ellerslie, at Easy Move Furniture Removals, our aim is to help people in the area with all their packing and moving needs.

Why you need professional packers and movers

Moving houses or even offices is hard work. Finding a new place, packing up all your belongings, making sure nothing important gets broken, and setting up your new home require time and effort. All of this sounds easy in theory but can in fact be extremely exhausting, both physically and mentally.

Now imagine doing all of this yourself along with your full-time job. Scary idea, isn’t it?

The process of packing up a house or an office is not as simplistic as putting stuff in boxes and hauling it to the new place. Packing up takes time, patience, and a keen eye. You need to sort items in a particular order and then ensure everything is packed correctly. Further, a lot of items need to be packed individually in bubble wrap or lined with parchment paper.

The boxes have to be just the right weight and thickness to ensure they don’t tear while moving and can support the required weight of items.

Let’s not forget about dismantling furniture! That dreaded task can take hours and hours in itself.

The list of things you need to keep in mind is endless. So why get into the packing and moving maze when you have experts with years of experience just waiting to help you out?

What we do

Welcome to the world of Easy Move Furniture Removals in Ellerslie. Our moving company aims to help everyone in the gorgeous suburb of Ellerslie make their move an easy one. We provide you with all the services associated with moving homes or offices. Here is a quick peek into what we do:

1) Pack up your world – Be it your home or your office space, our experts know the best ways to carefully wrap up your world. Our experts carefully assess the kind of packaging that will be appropriate

2) Load it all up – In our humble opinion, loading can be the trickiest part of any move. Inefficient and incorrect loading can often spell doom for a move. It can leave your most precious items broken or seriously damaged. Our expert team of packers and movers make sure all your boxes are loaded up and stacked neatly and carefully.

3) Move it – Our U-haul drivers further ensure that the drive is smooth as silk and your prized possessions arrive at the destination without a scratch.

4) Unload and unpack it with love – All our moving services will provide you with a seamless end-to-end experience. Once your items are at the destination, we carefully offload all your boxes and also ensure that everything is in the right room. If you do require assistance with unpacking and furniture disassembly/assembly, those are also additional services that we also provide.

As you can see, Easy Move Furniture Removals provides any and every service related to moving houses that you may need.

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If you too are looking to move houses or offices, give us a quick call at 0800 4 EASY MOVE and let us provide you with an estimate. You can also get an estimate on our website by answering a few questions about the type of move and the area in which the move is supposed to happen.

Our team at Easy Move Furniture Removals Movers Ellerslie has decades of experience and is more than up for any moving challenge you may want to throw at them.

So if you are looking to move, do yourself a favour and hire experts who can make the entire process a piece of cake.

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