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Moving into a new house? The process can be intimidating. You have to pack everything, put them in separate boxes, label and haul them to your new place. But it does not end there. You have to unpack and put them in place once you move into your new house. The whole process, starting from booking a moving company like Movers Flat Bush to and finally making the move, can take up a month or more.

Then, how are you supposed to live when all your belongings are packed and boxed up? It could be challenging because you might have to live uncomfortably for a few days. Do worry not. There are ways to survive the last few days in your old house, even if you might have to sleep on a mattress or eat standing at the kitchen counter.

Ways to stay calm and comfy while moving

Prioritize your packing

You don’t really have to pack all your belongings and wait for the final day to come. At the same time, you shouldn’t put packing off until the eleventh hour. So, you need to pack smartly now. Make a list of the things you would be needing over the next few days. You will be needing towels, pots, sheets, and some electronics probably till you finally leave your old house. You may pack a few large furniture in order to clear up space. Wait until the last night before you pack your daily essentials.

Manage your inventory

Although professional movers like Movers Flat Bush make a list of inventory for you, it’s always better to do it yourself. Call a friend or family member to help you make a list of everything in each box. Keep numbering your boxes as and when you pack them so that you know which item is in which box. Keeping an inventory list ensures that you don’t miss out any item. You should also prepare a list of items you want to discard so that you save space while packing.

Keep dust at bay

If you have been living in your old house for years now, it’s natural for your belongings to be covered in dust. So, if you are to live in the old house until you make your move, you need to keep dust at bay. Dusty rooms and furniture can cause allergy. And you certainly don’t want to fall sick before you move into your new house. Make sure you keep your house dust-free after you pack your furniture and other belongings. Moreover, you need to keep your unpacked belongings dust-free or else it would be an additional task to clean them while packing.

Keep your pet calm

Moving a house can sometimes be traumatizing for pets. They are so used to their surroundings that the thought of moving out can stress them out. You, as a pet owner, need to keep your pet calm. You need to set a routine for your pet so that it gets some assurance that you won’t be leaving it behind. Make sure it gets plenty of exercise and care before being put into a box and hauled to a new setup.

Label properly

Labels will save you time while unpacking items in your new house. You can segregate your items by fragility, weight, and where it belongs at homes. You can assign different labels to each box so that you know which item is in which box. You don’t have to unbox items if you are looking for something you need urgently. If you wish to clear up space, you can assign a separate box to keep all your essential items. This will help you clear up space in your cupboard and bathroom.

Take care of your valuable

Valuable items such as electronics and showpieces should be packed properly. Keep only a few electronics such as your iPad and laptop outside. You should carefully put your television set and other electronic appliances in boxes of appropriate sizes. You may decide to keep your refrigerator outside in case you are still cooking. Moreover, you should take special care of fragile items while packing. This will keep the worry of breaking valuable items away until you move out.

Rent a few things (if necessary)

For example, you have a week’s time before you move and you have packed your couch. One good option is to get a few furniture on rent for a few days. In case you have unfolded your bed and packed it, you can get a mattress on rent until the time you move out. This will help you to stay comfortably and move your house without much hassle. However, you should do a cost-benefit analysis before renting anything because the rent shouldn’t exceed your overall moving budget.

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