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Relocating to a completely new location can be a big headache. Just planning the move itself is enough to get you tired. So selecting a moving company like Movers Mellons Bay that can help you at this task is really important. There are many different moving companies out there that claim to be up to the task. But how do you really know? These are your personal belongings that they’ll be moving. How do you know whether you can trust them or not? How do you know which moving company is the best one for your personal needs? Choosing to hire a professional moving company is a bit of an investment. Moving can get really expensive. Especially if your new place is far away or even in a different state.

Most moving companies give you an initial quote. You’ll find that some of these quotes border on outrageous. A lot of moving companies tend to take advantage of your need for them and give you a higher quote. Rest assured, there are ways in which you can find the perfect moving company for you like Movers Mellons Bay. All you’ll have to do is start doing your research at least a month before the date you’re planning to move. If you start late, you won’t have time to explore your options and you might end up with a moving company that overcharges and doesn’t take care of your belongings the way you’d want them to. Here are a few things that can affect the overall cost of your move.


Wherever you’re moving to, the cost of your move will be determined by the number of services you require, and the number of movers that are involved in the whole process. If you require Movers Mellons Bay to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, it will cost you more than if you just want them to pack your belongings, transport them, and unpack them. Other add-ons like mattress bags, felt pads, and stretch wraps will also cost you more. YMovers Mellons Bay might already have included these costs in their initial quote so make sure you go through it carefully and check whether you actually require all the additional services and equipment.

The date of your big move.

Choose your moving date with care. The actual date can also play quite a big part of how much you’ll have to end up paying. Here are a few tips you can follow.

  • Try moving during the morning.
  • Don’t move on weekends. This is when there is a higher demand for moving companies and this can increase the amount you’ll have to pay. An ideal move, both for you and your movers, would be during a weekday, specifically, Monday to Thursday.
  • Aim for a mid-month move. Leases often start either at the beginning or at the end of a month.
  • Choose your seasons wisely. Most people move during the summer or in the late spring because that’s when school season starts. This is when students return for the new school year or go on their summer break. There is a lot of demand during this season and that can inevitably increase the fee you’ll have to pay.

Supplies you’ll require for the move.

There are lots of things you’ll be needing to pack all of your belongings in. If you want your moving company to provide you with these supplies, you’ll have to pay extra. You’ll need lots of cardboard boxes, packing paper/ bubble wrap, and plastic bins. You could buy these things yourself, but that might prove to be rather difficult while you’re planning the move. Check the cost of all these supplies if you were to buy them yourself and compare that cost with what the movers are asking for. If the difference is small, it’s more efficient to go ahead with the movers.

Travel expenses.

If you’re moving interstate, the distance covered on the road by your movers is quite a bit. This could add up. Ask your moving company to include travel fees on their initial quote so you know what you’re working with. To be more efficient, you should do research on at least 5 or 6 moving companies before you make your decision. Ask all the moving companies you approach to add the travel fees and compare each quote carefully. Consider all the other factors and choose the one that you think is the best for your specific move. Travel fees are made up of labour costs, fuel costs, and time on the road. Consider all your options wisely before you make your choice.

Hiring a professional moving company, however costly, is still the best way to successfully relocate to a house, apartment, or even office space. There are many benefits to hiring movers. You’ll just have to stay vigilant by doing your homework and planning early.

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