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Movers Mt Albert. If you are someone who reads a lot and you’re moving to a new home, you’re probably wondering how you are going to move all your books with you. For those who love reading, books are valuable treasures that must be handled with care. Besides, they can be quite heavy, so packing and transporting them would be a bit tricky.

The best thing you can do for your vast collection of books when you are moving is to hire the services of Movers Mt Albert has to offer. These are house packers and moving experts who know how you can pack your books effectively. They also know how to handle them the right way.

If you are packing your books yourself before moving, here are a few essential tips that will make it a whole lot easier for you.

  • Sort through your book collection 

Sure, you love your books a lot, but if you are moving to a new city or across the country, you may want to consider going through your collection first. Choose to keep only the ones that you really need or are extremely valuable to you. If you have a huge book collection and you have a long-distance move ahead of you, you may want to pack light. This way, the whole process of packing and moving is easier for you. Remember to find new homes for the books you are not keeping!

  • Wrap valuable books with soft packing paper or bubble wraps

If you have books that are extremely valuable to you, such as a special gift, an author-signed copy, a first-edition, a very rare book, or any other book that you treasure deeply, make sure that you wrap it carefully using either bubble wrap or soft packing paper. While Movers Mt Albert will be very careful with all your boxes, it is best to be on the safer side and give your books the best possible protection.

  • Use smaller boxes

Books, when packed together, can get pretty heavy, which is why using smaller boxes while packing them is a good idea. You may think that going for large cardboard boxes will allow you to pack more books in one, but this will only give you a very large and heavy box that is difficult to handle. Instead, go for small or medium-sized, sturdy cardboard boxes.

Even if you need a couple of them, it’s better to have smaller boxes you can carry than have one large box that needs the strength of three people.

  • Place hardcovers upright 

If you have hardcovers, make sure that you place them upright in the box, the spine of the book against the side of the box. In other words, place your books exactly the way you would on your shelf. Make sure all the books are placed snugly, so they can’t move or fall around, but not too tight that they may get damaged when you remove them.

  • Place paperbacks in flat stacks 

Paperbacks are easier to handle. You can simply place them in flat stacks inside the box. Another option is to place them spine-first so that the side of the paper edges facing up, towards the opening of the box. If you place them with the paper edges facing down, the pages will surely bend, and you don’t want that. Either way, make sure they are not in odd angles.

  • Use crumpled paper to fill empty spaces 

When you are done placing all your books in the box, fill up any empty spaces using crumpled-up paper. This is a very important step because it prevents gaps between the books, thus making them fit more snugly inside the box. This way, even after travelling a long distance, you can be confident that your books will not move around and get damaged inside the box.

  • Tape the box securely 

Now that your books are placed correctly and all empty spaces are filled, it’s time to tightly secure the box using strong tape. Tape it carefully, not just once, but multiple times and make the tape go all around the box. Remember to label the box once you are done so it’s easier for you to unpack.

  • Make sure your boxes are handled by professional movers 

Get the best Movers Mt Albert to handle your boxes full of precious books and more. With expert house packers and furniture movers handling your cargo, you can rest assured that your books are in great hands. Movers will handle your belongings with care and ensure that they reach you safe and sound in your new home!

With these tips, you can be confident that your book collection is packed the right way. Not only this, but professional movers at Movers Mt Albert will also make sure that they are handled with care on their way to you!

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