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Are you planning on moving house? Do you need to pack everything from your fine china to your pillow? Do you need to buy packing supplies but don’t know where to get started? Then this guide is for you. Movers South Auckland have put together a list of a variety of packing supplies that are available and when and how to use them.

Packing Supplies from Movers South Auckland :

  1. Bubble Wrap: Believe it or not, bubble wrap is a packing supply and not the most fun pastime on the planet. These sheets of little air-filled pockets are an ingenious method of safely padding breakable items. Bubble wrap is extremely useful to wrap around glasses, vases, and other breakables, and even lining boxes to ensure smooth transportation.
  2. Moving Boxes: If you are buying boxes to pack your items, there is no need to go all out and buy every shape and size available. Make an inventory of the objects that need to be boxed and accordingly buy. Keep in mind that buying very large boxes to fill with a lot of miscellaneous items could prove heavy and inconvenient to transport. Medium-size boxes might do the trick better even if you may need to buy a few more.
  3. Packing Tape: You’ve filled up all your boxes and you now need to seal them; regular tape works but packing tape is better. Specially designed for sealing boxes, packing tape is broad enough to adequately cover the flaps of the box and is stronger than regular tape. Fitted into a tape gun, packing tape becomes very easy to use, and sealing boxes can be extremely quick.
  4. Moving Blankets and Pads: Moving blankets or pads, like bubble wrap, are used to wrap breakable and delicate items while moving. Moving blankets and less bulky and more protective from scratches or scuffs. Unusually available in a standard size of 72” X80”, the blankets or pads are categorized according to the fabric used to make them. The three main types of fabric used in moving blankets are cotton-polyester blends, woven polyester, and non-woven polyester. Moving blankets are also great when you require to keep things in storage.
  5. Ratchet Straps and Stretch Straps: Once everything is nicely wrapped in bubble wrap or moving pads they need to be secured. Ratchet straps or stretch straps are perfect for not only holding a wrap in place but also securing the parcel to the roof of a car or to other parcels. These elastic straps are shock absorbent and help to minimize the movement of the packages during transport.
  6. Carpet Protection Tape or Film: If you have carpets to move and want to avoid them getting dusty and dirty during transport, then you need carpet protection. As the name suggests the protective covering is in the form of a tape or film that grips the surface of the carpet and clings to it tightly. With the protective layer attached to the carpet, the surface is well protected from anything that might dirty or damage it. The carpet protection film is available in rolls of different sizes which you can buy according to your requirements. They are easy to use and can be applied by simply rolling over your carpet.
  7. Packing Peanuts: Who didn’t love jumping into a box full of packing peanuts as a kid? As fun as they might have been while growing up, packing peanuts actually serve a very useful function. Made of extended polystyrene foam these little peanuts have been designed to interlock when compressed and flow freely when not. Packing peanuts are used to give an added layer of protection and suspension for fragile items. Placing the peanuts all around the item in a box prevents excess movement inside the box and also cushions the delicate contents.
  8. Foam Wraps: Foam wrap is not just another wrap when it comes to packing but serves its own unique function. These flexible sheets are lightweight, conform well to any shape, and can be cut to specific sizes. They provide a protective covering for fragile items as well as thermal insulation. Porcelain, china, and glass can all be covered safely using foam wrap.
  9. Glass Pack Cell Dividers: If you are packing sets of glasses and would like to avoid the hassle of wrapping each glass separately then these cardboard cell dividers are what you need. Place them in a box to make six or more equal compartments where you can place your glasses. The dividers will help to hold the glasses and prevent them from rolling around. Place packing peanuts around the glasses in a slightly larger box or wrap them with foam wrap and your glasses are good to go.
  10. Labels: Once everything is neatly packed, you need to know what is what. Don’t forget to keep a bunch of stick-on labels handy so that everything can be marked and organized.

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