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Moving antique furniture. Antique Furniture has always been close to your heart because they are quite valuable and beautiful. As these pieces of furniture have been around for a long time, they hold an immense amount of feelings and memories. When you look at them, you always wonder what these furniture have experienced during their lifespan. Most of the time, antique furniture is passed on from one family’s generation to another, withstanding the test of time and style. 

Right now, your priceless furniture is facing one of the biggest challenges – moving from one household to another. It is also paramount that your valuables come back to you in one piece, with no additional problems, such as scratches or broken pieces. Whether you are moving to a nearby neighborhood or a place hours away from your current location, it is always a big challenge. As you want to protect your prized possessions from harm, you need sound advice. Given below is everything you need to know about moving antique furniture:

Getting your antique furniture ready for moving

As there are a lot of variables which can change the condition of your antique furniture from better to worse, you want to have control over as many things as possible. Even if you are willing to spend large sums of money to restore your prized possessions, you never want to put yourself in that position. Here are a few tips which will get your antique furniture ready for moving:

Take an inventory

To avoid any problems and confusion in the future, after you have moved to a new home, you should take an inventory of every piece of antique furniture you have in your household. As you go over each piece, examine their exteriors closely and note down existing damage. While making an inspection, make sure that you photograph all the pieces. The resolution of the photos should be of high-quality and concentrate on the areas that are weak or have scratches or other signs of damage.

The advantage of taking photos is that it will help with your insurance claims. Also, you can inform the moving company well in advance to be careful about handling your antique furniture in certain areas. 

Evaluate your antique furniture 

Before you start looking for insurance coverage for your antique furniture, you need to evaluate them so that you have a proper understanding of their true value. Also, it is an integral step in safeguarding your prized furniture, as they are quite valuable. 

If you are finding it difficult to find the right person with certifications for getting an evaluation, then you should approach an antique dealer for help. They will give you the necessary information to get in touch with the perfect professional. 

Invest in the right insurance coverage

The next step is to select the right insurance coverage for your antique furniture, as it is paramount you protect them at all costs. A large number of people skimp out on getting insurance, to save a couple of hundred dollars. You should never follow this practice as you are taking a huge gamble with your valuable furniture. The right coverage allows you to claim insurance, in case of the worst possible scenario. Also, as you have photos before moving with the furniture, it becomes easier to claim insurance. To be on the safer side, ask the moving company if they provide insurance. You can compare both the policies and pick the better option.

Stay ahead with proper planning

If you want to be safe rather than sorry, it is paramount that you take adequate steps to plan properly. The first thing you have to do is determine through which part of your house, you will remove the antique furniture. Also, you have to find a good route where you can get your furniture inside. Even though the moving company will do this for you, the whole process becomes faster with your insight. 

You should also have a floor plan for your new house so that the moving company can move the furniture from the truck to those places immediately. The last thing you have to know is the conditions of the home, such as humidity and temperature. If they are different from your previous house, you should use an air-conditioner or a dehumidifier to make up for the changes. 

Why should you always let a professional moving company handle your antique furniture? 

Although there are several situations where taking matters into your hands is good, the same doesn’t apply when moving antique furniture. Never underestimate the task of handling these pieces of furniture as even a single wrong move can cost you thousands of dollars. Professional moving companies have years of experience in handling such objects. Also, they will move them quickly, saving you valuable time!

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