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Are you planning on moving to a new house? Although it is exciting to make a big move in your life, it can be stressful as you have a lot of things to do. On top of that, you may miss out on packing a few items, which make the whole process stressful at the last minute. But don’t worry, with this ultimate Moving Checklist, it will be easy to remain organized.

Eight weeks before

  • Go through all the rooms in your house and select the items you want to keep and the ones you would like to get rid off. Also, if some things need insurance or special packing, make a note of it.
  • Start looking for moving companies and note down all their quotes. However, you shouldn’t solely rely on the quotes you receive over the phone. Ask the moving companies to come to your house to get the estimate.
  • If you have children, go to their school and ensure their records are arranged so that they can be transferred to the new school.

Six weeks before

  • Order for various supplies such as permanent markers, bubble wrap, and tape. Also, order for specialty containers such as wardrobe or dish barrel boxes.
  • Use up things you don’t want to move such as cleaning supplies, perishable, and frozen food items.
  • If you can, check the dimensions of the door of your new home, to check if you can fit larger pieces of furniture through it.

Four weeks before

  • Select a moving company and get a confirmation of the total costs, moving date, and other specifics.
  • Start packing items you don’t use that often such as croquet set and waffle iron. While you are packing, take note of all the items that are of special value for special insurance. If you have items that are expensive, declare them in writing to the moving company.
  • Label and number the boxes based on the room it should go to and its contents. You will have an inventory of all your belongings if you follow this technique. Also, pack all the items you will need immediately after moving into your new house in boxes and label them essentials.
  • Keep all your important files and jewelry in a safe box, so that you can personally take them to your new home. Also, keep the estimate of the moving company in this box as it will be useful during moving day.
  • Go to the post office and notify them of the change in address. Inform your neighbors to keep an eye on your mail after you have shifted out, in case you continue to receive them.
  • Inform the following about the change in address: Utility, insurance, credit card, newspapers, and magazines, your company’s human resources department, brokerage firms and banks.
  • Make arrangements for your medical records, so that they can be sent to your new healthcare providers. Make copies and keep them with you. Also, ask your old healthcare providers for referrals. 

Two weeks before

  • Inform your office that you are taking off on moving day as you need to supervise the entire process.
  • Take your vehicle to a mechanic and get it tuned up. If you are moving to an area with a different climate, ask if you need any additional services.
  • If you are changing banks, ensure that you remove all items stored in the safety deposit box. Place them in your safety box, along with your jewelry and important files that will be carried by you during moving day.
  • Call up the moving company and confirm the arrangements once again.

A week before

  • Buy all the prescription medicines you will require for the coming weeks.
  • Finish your general packing a few days before moving day. Your family should have enough clothes to wear for the next couple of days.

One day before

  • If you are planning on taking your refrigerator with you, ensure that it is defrosted, clean and empty at least 24 hours before the moving day.
  • Double-check with your moving company about their arrival time and all other details. Ensure the moving company has the exact directions to your new house. They should also have your contact information in case of emergencies.
  • Make arrangements to pay the moving company. If you haven’t arranged to pay by credit card, get cash, a money order or a cashier’s check for payment and tips. If the staff of the moving company has done an excellent job, you can give them a tip of 10 – 15 % of the total bill.

Moving day

  • Ensure that the truck that shows up at your house is from the moving company. You can also cross-verify by checking the number plate and company branding.
  • Before the moving company leaves from your new house, get them to sign the bill of the inventory list and make a copy of it.

By following this ultimate Moving Checklist, you will be able to shift houses without any hassles. Happy moving!


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