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One of the most infuriating aspects of moving is not being able to find the things that we need the most at the moment. Moving to North Island suburbs from the city can be overwhelming to anyone, but when you are faced with a disastrous move, stress is unavoidable. Unlabeled boxes, broken dishes, and damaged walls, among others, can make you guilty. Here are some other common moving disasters of moving in Auckland and how you can address them. 

Leaving the packing to the last day!

Leaving the packing to the last day is one of the biggest disasters that one can be faced with while moving. ‘I will do it tomorrow,’ ‘there is still time’ are some of the things we say to ourselves to avoid packing. It could lead to a series of other mistakes such as wrong labelling, insufficient packing, lost items, concussion, and stress.

  • How to avoid it?

Make a checklist of things to do. Organize your packing by dividing the items into ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’, and ‘recycle’. Pack a little every day and seek help from others. You can also hire East Auckland movers to do all the packing for you.

Items damaged/lost during packing and transit

The worst disaster is to find your favorite jewelry box lost, or expensive fine China in pieces or a chipped leg of your dining table or a torn mattress. These are only some of the things that could happen if you are not careful while packing and moving. Losing an item while moving from one home to another is very common, but it is easily avoidable.

  • How to avoid it?

One of the best ways to avoid damage is to hire the best Auckland movers. Additionally, if you prefer doing it yourself, there are a few things you can follow such as

  • Starting to pack early to avoid last moment stress
  • Check for damages before packing
  • Buy the most suitable packing items
  • Learn how to pack different items
  • Take help from house packers and furniture movers to pack items that need professional experience

When you hire a professional to do the job you can be assured that none of your belongings will be lost during transit.

Not getting insurance

Many people fail to understand the significance of buying insurance while moving from one home to another. Insurance will pay for the damage caused to your belongings, which is very common in a while moving from one country to another. It would be silly to expect fragile items that are worth a significant amount of money to be safe and damage-free in long-distance moves.

  • How to avoid it?

Buy insurance for those belongings that are worth a lot, or are new. Don’t forget to focus on sentimental items, antiques, fine china, or any high-dollar item.

Failing to hire professional movers

The first thing to do when you are faced with a move is to find the best furniture removals and movers Auckland and hire them. Failing to hire professional movers on time is a classic disaster that many people make and regret later. When you are faced with this disaster, you will be inclined to adjust to inefficient and unprofessional movers or inexperienced movers, substandard packing, fake moving companies minting money, and so on.

  • How to avoid it?

When you know that you must move, start looking for professional movers. Start by taking references from family and friends and shortlist the most suitable ones for you. Research about them and book one before ahead in time. Make sure you don’t wait till the last moment.

Paying more than you estimated

Did you know that waiting until the last moment to hire Auckland movers could cost you more than you estimated? Most of the movers tend to charge higher for the ‘last-minute’ services they offer.

  • How to avoid it?

Yet another reason to hire a professional and reserve your spot as soon as possible. Don’t forget to get a written quote from them.

Failing to avoid the items that movers don’t move

Did you know that movers refuse to move a few items? They have a list of non-allowable that is not to be a part of a transit. Some of them include fertilizers, paint thinners, perishable food items, loaded guns, among others. Every moving company has a list of things that they find to be hazardous,

  • How to avoid it?

Talk to your service provider to understand the list of items that they refuse to move. The items are fairly obvious, and you can avoid them.

The furniture doesn’t fit

Once you have moved from your old home to your new, you realize that your furniture does not fit. Either the doors are too narrow, the room is too small, the room width is unsuitable, among others. If you have large furniture such as a pool table, dining table, wide chair, huge couch and so on, you could be facing this disaster.

  • How to avoid it?

To address these frustrating moving disasters, measure your furniture as well as the rooms and doorways in your new home before you move. Disassembling and reassembling the furniture will help a great deal as well.

Disasters can come in form, and at any time such as an untimely rain, friends bailing on you while loading, and failure to reassemble a disassembled furniture. When you move from the city to the suburbs, it is advised to be prepared for unforeseen moving disasters.

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