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The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lid on so many people’s plans, whether it’s travel, wedding, or social gathering. These are strange and unprecedented times because never had it ever happened that a disease had pushed everyone indoors and caused such a massive economic crisis.

But there are people in Auckland or its suburbs who have to move houses even when social distancing norms and travel restrictions are in place. That’s because not everything can wait. Hence, if you are moving to, for example, from Auckland to North Island suburbs or Henderson, you will have to get in touch with house packers and furniture movers. Many of them in East Auckland, West Auckland, North Island, and other suburbs make the moving process convenient and easy, but people are making a few mistakes while moving homes during the pandemic.

You should be mindful NOT to make these mistakes if you are moving homes during these times:

  1. Not ensuring safety norms

A lot of people now are making the grave mistake of not confirming with the house packers and furniture movers about what safety protocols they are following while offering moving services. It’s crucial that each and every business organisation is mitigating health risks associated with coronavirus in a proper way. Since the virus spreads through person-to-person contact and not everyone shows symptoms, your house packers, and furniture movers should come with their personal protective equipment (PPE) kit and practice sanitising measures. You should certainly avoid moving companies Henderson movers, East Auckland movers, West Auckland movers, and furniture removals who don’t follow these safety protocols.

  1. Not asking for a virtual inspection

With such stringent social distancing norms in place, it’s tricky to be sure about who to invite home and who do not. Since it’s a possibility that the furniture removals service provider you have chosen might have gone to an area where there are many cases of COVID-19. As such, it would be safer to request the company for a virtual pre-inspection of your belongings—something that almost all furniture movers and house packers used to perform physically before the pandemic. Don’t make that mistake of calling them over now. Keep social contact as limited as possible. With so many connectivity apps available these days, the most common one is WhatsApp. You can easily do a video call or share a pre-recorded video to your Henderson movers, East Auckland movers, or West Auckland movers. This gets the job done easily while maintaining social distancing norms.

  1. Not wearing gloves and face mask

This is perhaps the biggest mistake some people moving from Auckland to North Island suburbs or Henderson are making during the pandemic. If you expect your furniture removals company to maintain safety protocols, they will expect you to do the same. Most people forget to put on their masks, gloves, and personal protection equipment, as well as sanitizing their hands properly while moving homes. You shouldn’t be doing that, even if you are moving and not with movers Auckland’s help. That’s only jeopardizing your life along with the lives of so many others. So, you need to make sure that you are following all safety protocols yourself while moving homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Moving when sick

As far as the COVID-19 prevention norms go, everyone is supposed to stay indoors. And if you show the common symptoms of COVID-19, you should certainly not even think about going out. Not that you are positive, but you never know. But many people are making the mistake of moving from Auckland to North Island suburbs, East and West Auckland, and Henderson even when they are showing symptoms—be it dry cough, throat pain, or fever. Most of these symptoms do overlap with other health conditions, such as influenza or the common cold, you should never take a chance. This is how the virus is spreading in a big way. So, you should consider delaying your move and not contact any Auckland movers if you are showing these symptoms. Certain things in life can wait.

  1. Having neighbours, friends, and relatives over

You may be moving from Auckland to North Island suburbs, East and West Auckland, and Henderson after living in a neighborhood for a very long time. It’s natural to make friends. But that does not mean that you forget about social distancing completely and call them over to say goodbye. Most people in Auckland are making this mistake. It’s indeed difficult to leave behind your comfort zone and even more difficult to say goodbye without even meeting once, but honestly, these are times when everyone has to be pragmatic in whatever they do. So, it’s okay not to have people over while you are moving out of your current neighborhood or even the city.

Many Auckland movers offer their furniture removals and other moving services by practicing proper safety norms. But you should always ensure that you disinfect every belonging of yours once you reach your destination.


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