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It’s well over a year now since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). However, despite the ramped-up vaccine production, there seems to be no respite from the COVID crisis. The virus has undergone several mutations in different parts of the world, and now, they’re proving to be more infectious than the original virus. But life has to go on.

Relocating during the pandemic, especially when the lockdown was imposed, was not an option. Movers Auckland had to put a stop to their services. However, it is one now, but to make sure that you, your partner, and your kids make the move without risking your health, you’ve got to take certain steps. Kids especially are at greater risk of contracting the virus from the mutant variants. So, without further ado, let’s start talking about the tips you need to keep in mind to ensure your children’s safety.

1. Ask furniture movers to follow COVID-appropriate behaviors

The fact that COVID-19 is still surging in parts of the world suggests that not all people are taking COVID-appropriate behaviors seriously. However, until and unless a sure-fire cure is developed, prevention is our best hope. To prevent both contracting and spreading the infection, washing hands with soap, maintaining social distancing, and wearing masks are our best bets for the time being.

When your hired Auckland movers come to your property to initiate the relocation, make sure they’re all following COVID-appropriate behaviors. Watch out for professionals from the moving company that tries to enter your property without wearing masks. Even a single cough or sneeze can be enough to expose your children to the virus, so be as vigilant as possible.

2. Ensure that your kids are wearing masks too

While masks aren’t 100% effective in terms of COVID-19 prevention, they certainly can make a difference. However, they can be expected to be effective only when all the people present in a specific environment are wearing them. Simply put, it isn’t enough to have only the professionals of the furniture removals company wear their masks. You’ve got to be strict with your kids as well.

If you spot your kids getting too close to the professionals without their masks on, don’t be afraid to exert some of that parental authority. Make them know who the boss is, and they’ll be sure to comply with whatever rules you lay down.

3. Demand the house packers to wear their gloves

None of the professionals who take responsibility for your relocation should do any work without their gloves on. If the virus particles are on their hands, they could very well be transferred to your furniture. This could pose a significant problem once you’ve relocated.

Also, make sure to remind your children not to immediately start touching the moved furniture once the relocation process is completed. Before the East Auckland movers leave, ask them to sanitize each and every moved item. This will ensure that the virus particles that may potentially be on your furniture post-relocation are eliminated once and for all.

4. Get your new home sanitized before you enter with your belongings

You may think that your new home is COVID-free because it was mostly empty before your move. However, you can never be too sure about this virus. Instead of being over-confident, you should be cautious. The most cautious thing to do before the relocation process is completed is to have your new home sanitized thoroughly.

Make sure that every space within the premises of the property is properly sanitized. If your new home is a big one, it may add to the expenses. However, during these times, it’s not unwise to spend a little more money for long-term benefits. Ultimately, it’s all about maintaining the health and safety of yourself and, of course, your kids.

5. Pay attention to your children’s mental health post-relocation

Once the relocation is done and dusted, you have to give your children the attention they need for the sake of their mental health. With schools being closed and social activities restricted, children may often feel isolated and alone. In the long run, this can take a significant toll on your children’s mental health.

The worst part about children experiencing mental health issues is that they are very rarely able to express their problems. So, the onus is on you and your partner to be responsible parents and give your kids the time they need and expect from you. Instead of being an authoritarian figure in their lives, be a companion and a friend they can turn to.

All in all, ensuring your children’s safety during a relocation in today’s times is something that both you and West  Auckland movers should assume responsibility for. If you have to be harsh and critical of your kids and/or the removal company’s professionals, do what you have to do. Trust us; it’ll go a long way to making sure that both you and your kids stay safe from the new COVID-19 strains wreaking havoc across the world.

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