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Moving house is a transitional period in your life. Moving houses is a stressful period for adults. It can be even more stressful for children. If you have young children, then the stress levels multiply. We take you through some challenges of moving houses with young kids and ways to overcome them.

Preparing for Moving with young kids.

Breaking the news.

The news of moving houses will surely upset the kids. Young kids may not fully understand your reasons for moving or the moving process, but they will sense a disruption in their surroundings.

Children are bound to experience feelings of anxiety and fear. Break the news of moving to a new home calmly. Give them enough time to understand the news but not too much time to worry about the news. One month should be sufficient time for your kids to accept the news. If you are upset about the moving process, don’t show it in front of the children.

A visit to the new house.

Take them to their new house. If you are moving between the suburbs of Auckland show them around the new place. Show them nearby places like parks, ice cream shops, and a library. Let them see the new house as a fun place. Point out the advantages of moving to the new place.

Answering their queries.

Children will have a lot of doubts regarding the new place. Listen to their concerns. Ask them what they like and dislike about their new house. Spend time answering their queries and reassuring them. If possible, let them meet the new neighbours. Assure them that they will be able to keep in touch with their old friends. Ignoring their concerns will lead them to indulge in tantrums.


Pack their belongings last after you have packed all other boxes. Unpack their belongings first.

The children should be able to spend maximum time with their things.

During the move.

Furniture removal takes time. It is better to hire a professional to do the job. Ideally, children should be kept away from the actual moving process. If possible schedule the moving process when your children are in school or daycare. Let the house packers handle the minute details. Your children needn’t know the details.

If it is not possible to keep the children away then explain the process to them. Children may feel apprehensive watching strangers cart away their belongings. Explain the significance of house movers to your children. Tell them they will just help in moving their belongings to your new house. Promise them that their belongings will safely reach the new house. Get the children to help in packing and labelling the belongings if you are doing the packing process yourself. Make packing a fun process.

Pack your kids’ favourite toys and belongings in one box and label them properly so that you can unpack them easily in the new house. Pack some essentials for your first night at the new house.

After the move.

Young children take time to settle down in a new place. Settle the children first. Unpack their belongings. Decorate their new room but don’t make any drastic changes. If possible continue with their old furniture and toys. Seeing their favourite toys in the new house can give the children a sense of belonging. If you are hiring a house packer, you need to go for reputed ones so that your belongings are not damaged during the moving process. Children are going to be heartbroken if they find their toys damaged in the new house.

You won’t have time to prepare an elaborate meal after the move. Order your children’s favourite food and make the mealtime seem like a picnic.

Settling in the new house.

Expect the children to be unsettled by the move to a new house. Play their favourite music and put on the night light. The lights will help the children to make themselves comfortable in their new room. The music will mask any unfamiliar neighbourhood noise.


Expect some deterioration in the children’s sleep, appetite, or tantrums in the new home. This is the child’s normal response to the stressful situation of moving houses.

Get on a schedule.

Go back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Give your children the opportunity to make new friends by getting them to sign for as many activities as they like.


Doing the entire packing and moving on your own may take up a lot of time and cause significant disruption in your family life. Hiring professional movers eases up the job and you can spend more time with your young children. Your stress level goes down and consequently, the children also feel relaxed. Easy Move Furniture Removals are a perfect option if you are moving between Auckland suburbs. They handle the whole home moving process smoothly and safely and with Moving with young kids.


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