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All removals are at the owner’s risk. This means no compensation will be paid for any damages, losses or shortages. It is acknowledged, agreed, and declared that the Contract of Carriage evidenced hereby is a Contract for Carriage at the owner’s risk. This means that the company as the carrier will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged unless the company intentionally loses or damages them.

We know how precious your treasured goods are whether at home or in transit. While we go the extra mile by using advanced protective gear and tools to protect your belongings, we ensure we leave nothing to chance. Our insurance covers are designed to protect your belongings during transit should an accidental damage occur.

Types of insurance covers we offer

Public Liability – Public liability insurance covers third party property damage when we, as the movers, are proven to be negligent. For instance, if we accidentally drop an item, our public liability insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing the item, minimizing the hassles for you.

Carriers Liability –In the event your furniture is damaged as a result of the carrying vehicle overturning, a collision or fire, the Carriers Liability Insurance covers the cost of your furniture.

The maximum coverage limit is

·         $2000 per item and $500 excess

·         $20,000 per load

Please note that the Carriers Liability insurance under the Contract and Commercial Act 2017 covers any damage to goods proven to have been intentionally caused by us while the items are in transit.

Full Commercial Vehicle Insurance –Commercial vehicle insurance is designed to protect your personal effects in case our transport vehicle accidentally damages them.

We recommend you get a comprehensive insurance cover

We care as much about your goods’ safety as we do about your financial well-being and peace of mind! This is why, we recommend that you get comprehensive insurance to ensure you cover all types of losses not covered by our insurance. Here are the instances why you need to augment your insurance:

·         the value of your goods in transit exceeds $2000

·         You need more comprehensive coverage to protect your goods against fire, floods, theft or other risks

·         You need transit insurance as the standard Home Contents insurance typically does not cover household goods in transit

·         You are transporting items not covered by our insurance such as:

·         Electrical appliances if they fail to operate at the new address.

·         Cracked or damaged items, torn, scratched, or dented items.

·         pot plants.

·         Items packed by clients.

·         Glass

For enquiries, please contact your own insurance company, or call Northcrest Insurance Brokers, stating Easy Move Furniture Removals, on 0508 4 67873.

You will need to consider contacting your own insurance company for Transit Insurance for your household and personal effects should you wish to have comprehensive cover as your standard Home Contents policy will not usually provide cover for Household Goods in Transit. Our Liability covers are limited in the coverage that they offer 

Public Liability – Third Party Property Damage but – only where we are proven to be negligent – eg – where we may accidentally drop an item.

Carriers Liability – Our insurance cover under the Contract and Commercial Act 2017 is not comprehensive and is limited to loss or damage that is intentionally caused by us while your items are in transit.

Get insurance cover when moving house, as loss or damage to your items may not be covered otherwise.

Carriers Liability Insurance covers the furniture whilst it is in transit if damaged as a consequence of the carrying vehicle being involved in a fire, collision, or overturning.”These goods are to be carried at OWNERS RISK”. This means the carrier will pay NO COMPENSATION if the goods are lost or damaged unless he/she intentionally loses or damages them.

Items are covered under “Carriers Liability Insurance” which is a limited cover of $20,000 max per load with $2000 per item max and $500 excess. If items exceed $2000 or you require a more comprehensive cover please contact your own insurance company or call 0508 467873 to insure your goods, forms attached below.

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