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Moving old furniture is not something to be taken lightly; it is a complex job in which you will have to take multiple things into consideration. You will have to pay attention to a lot of things while moving and if your furniture is old, you will have to take even more steps to ensure its safety.

Moving old furniture that you will be moving will probably be more fragile, and repairing it would cost you even more. So here are a few helpful tricks to make sure that you can move these pieces of history without any harm.

Use two people for moving old furniture

If you are moving something big and tall like a dresser, filing cabinet, or armoire, it is best for another person to give you a helping hand. Also, while you are at it, make sure you carry it sideways so that its height is not a problem.

Your vintage furniture can get chipped in many ways when moving, so it is in your best interest to move slowly and carefully. 

L Move

If you have a big chair, it is best that you turn them sideways to look like an “L” while moving. What this does is minimize the damage that can be done to a guitar and also makes it easier to get them out of the doorways. Large chairs can be difficult to move because, in most cases, their width can be a problem while removing them.

But if you use this technique, you can easily move them in and out of doorways and tight spaces. 

Packing supplies

The old advice of getting some boxes and moving blankets may work on most things, but when it comes to old furniture it is best to take some extra steps. You can get a few more things for not a lot of money that can make moving a breeze.

Get some bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap, plastic bags, sofa and mattress covers and you can move most of the things at your home with ease. All of these can be found in any hardware store.

Bubble wrap is like a magical thing that makes everything 10x safe. If you have old furniture that you value a lot, it is best to use a lot of bubble wrap for them. You should buy these supplies a week in advance so you can start packing or help the packers and movers. 

Furniture Prep for moving old furniture

Clean the furniture you plan on moving and dust them too. Vacuum cleaning them before being packed wouldn’t hurt too as dust and the debris that might be there in the furniture can scratch it while moving. This not only makes your furniture easier to move but also minimizes the risk of it getting scratched. 

If your furniture can be dismantled, you should do it before moving. Pack the different parts separately so that they can be moved easily and avoid any sort of scratches on them. Take the drawers out of the dresser and you can pack smaller stuff in them. This way, you lighten the heavy furniture before moving and use the extra space too. 

Dismantling the furniture

If you have any old furniture, there’s a chance that it might not be modular in design, but you’ll have to check to be sure. If it can be broken down into smaller parts, then you need to do it. It makes moving easier and makes sure that your furniture reaches the new place without any harm. 

Remove the cushions from couches and sofas and also the drawers from the dresser, armoires, etc. Use the owner’s manual to do this, as it can get tricky too. Place all the screws and extra pieces like washers and o-rings in plastic bags to avoid getting lost while moving.

You can use masking tape to mark where all the parts fit in together so that assembling it later is not a problem. 

Learn how to wrap

Plastic sheeting combined with bubble wrap can make moving easy for anyone. They make your furniture 10x more safe to move and are easy to work with too. Many items that are upholstered should be covered with plastic wrap. They provide extra protection and help you avoid scratches and tearing while moving. 

Use bubble wrap for mirrors and glass tabletops so that they can absorb impact and do not break easily. All of your furniture is bound to move when being transported, so it is up to you and your movers to make sure it does not break. 

We will be more than happy to assist you at Easy Move Furniture Removals. This is because we believe in what we do, and our years in the industry have been guided by the same visions. 

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