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Moving your belongings from your existing home to your new one can be overwhelming. It needs excellent organization and superb planning. It is time to make yourself a moving timeline list. After you finalize your new home, you should plan at least two months ahead on which things to transfer to your new residence.

Importance of moving timeline

Do not make the mistake of memorizing everything in your head. The huge surfeit of information makes it impossible to remember everything. You need to make a moving timeline checklist for organizing and then executing residential moves.

  • Crafting a checklist for each week to the week until you finally move house will enable you to remember all important tasks in the middle of chaos while you move your belongings
  • You can optimize your time. This will stop the accumulation of relocation stress as moving day will come sooner to you than you expect.
  • Since you know when and what to do for each task, you will be kept on the right track by the personal moving timeline, thus speeding up the whole preparation time.
  • You can prioritize certain tasks which are comparatively more important than the rest. It is vital to every checklist and timeline.
  • Once you make a customized moving calendar, you can do only those tasks that make sense in your particular relocation case. This drastically increases the overall efficiency of the pre-move preparatory period. Personalization is essential. The latter must be done swiftly from the time you know what move-related tasks you have to do.

Moving checklist

Whatever happens, stick to the moving checklist. Write the checklist eight weeks prior to relocation. It will help you to save money during the relocation process.

Eight weeks before the relocation day

  • Decide whether you will move the furniture by yourself or commission a Moving Company like Movers Farm Cove to do the grunt work.
  • In case you live in a rented house, do let the landlord know that you will leave the property to be a resident in a new place inside the city or completely relocating to another city. You must inform the landlord to give back the security deposit you have given. Confirm to your employer that you are simply relocating.
  • Make a moving budget on the amount of money you will require to organize and also successfully execute the long-distance relocation or short-distance move. Contact Movers Farm Cove for an estimation of the relocation expenses.
  • Make a file where you will exclusively keep only the move-related paperwork. Start thinking about what to pack.

Six weeks before moving

  • Start packing your things. Buy a number of cardboard boxes if you do not have them already
  • If you have opted to move by yourself, book a rental truck to move everything. Compare prices of different truck vendors.
  • Visit your personal physician and get the medical records. If you have a pet, get its veterinary papers as well.
  • If you are moving to another city, start searching for healthcare providers in your new location. If you have children, remember to search for a new school
  • In case you are a pet owner, take it to the vet for a thorough check-up. Give the necessary vaccinations if it is needed to do so.

Four weeks before the moving day

  • In case you will do all the hard work by yourself, eschewing the services of professional movers like Movers Farm Cove, contact your friends. Ask them whether they can help you with moving your furniture and the rest.
  • You have already bought the boxes. Now it is time to buy the markers, bubble wrap, and tape. Get them now.
  • Stop wasting time transporting hazardous materials. Buy them again from a store near your new home.
  • Cancel all subscriptions from delivery services. Cancel memberships of local organizations and clubs.
  • If you are considering driving to your new home, have the car serviced. This will make the trip smooth and pleasurable.

Two weeks before the moving day

  • Confirm with Movers Farm Cove – Easy Move Furniture Removals Auckland your date of moving.
  • Contact the local utility companies to cancel the services the day when you finally move out of your current residence. Do contact the utility provider at your new home to make sure that you have the connection the day you move in.

One week before the moving day

  • Pay all extant bills in this last week. Keep receipts with you in case someone or any authority asks for them as proof.
  • Start to disassemble all furniture. Hire Movers Farm Cove if you think it is too much work for a single person or your family.
  • Clean the house as best as you can.

Two days before the moving day

  • Everything must be packed by this time. Label them and keep them in a place where they can be loaded easily onto a truck.
  • Defrost the refrigerator.

Moving day

Get a good night’s sleep. Fully charge your phone. Take one long walk all over the house to make sure that nothing is left behind. Secure the house and leave. 

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