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Kerikeri is a long way from Auckland but not too far from the Bay of Islands to Whangarei. If you’re Moving to Kerikeri and worried about settling in, don’t. There are many who’ve made the transition and absolutely loved it. Kerikeri is surrounded by picturesque locations all within an hour’s drive and if you miss friends back in Auckland, they are a 4-hour drive away.

If you’re looking to find reliable furniture movers for Moving to Kerikeri here are 5 steps to finding one.

– Word of Mouth: Speaking highly of a service from past experience is the truest appreciation. When it comes to long distance moving, ask friends for recommendations on trustworthy movers. An average household makes a move at least once. Chances are someone in the family or a friend hired a service that impressed them. You need a service like that- one which will take personal care of your belongings. If you were to find one on your own, there are too many unfamiliar options, each with a different quotation. If your friends or family are as clueless as you, turn to social media for recommendations. There are good Samaritans who don’t hesitate from sharing their views. A simple post like, “Looking for a trusted furniture mover, help” will get you leads. There is no dearth of professional movers in Auckland.

– Arrange for an in-house visit for Moving to Kerikeri: So, you’ve got a few recommendations and it’s now time to choose. Invite the shortlisted movers home to give you a quote after assessing the furniture load. It goes without saying that you invite each at a different time. A personal meeting like this also gives you a chance to ask clear any doubts you have. Sometimes, more than a recommendation, a gut instinct judges the credibility of a mover. A personal meeting offers a chance to assess the mover. A lot is revealed when a mover talks about the services they offer. Seasoned movers are clear in what they offer and understand customer needs. Beginners, on the other hand, fumble and lack confidence.  A personal visit is also the right time to enquire about the number of helpers involved, the packaging material they use, and the mode of transportation. 

– Compare and choose: Compare tangibles like a cost estimate, and previous experience and make an informed decision. There are usually extra services offered, these could include dismantling and re-fitting furniture pieces and transport of special items like a piano or a pool table. Also, enquire if the company offers temporary storage facilities. Most established movers offer to hold large items in temporary storage for a small fee. 

– Read service reviews: Once you’ve narrowed down a few movers and are left impressed by their communication skills, it is time to look for dirty linen. Every good mover has a website. Log on to their site and look for reviews. Past experience is an accurate litmus test. Customers are honest reviewers. Choose a company that has the best customer rating and reviews. The latest reviews are the ones you must pay attention to.

– Only trust an expert: Trust not just any mover, but a professional with years of invaluable experience and expertise. The main goal of the search must be to find a reliable mover who offers a competitive price. All movers advertise as being the best in the industry and offer unbelievable prices. After you’ve reviewed the quote, check if the company is Registered and holds a TSL Licence.

 We at Easy Move Furniture Removals are trusted for our efficient services of furniture removal and packaging. We have a skilled team that is experts at Furniture Moving to Kerikeri and other places. Our area of specialization is in Commercial and Domestic Removal. We also offer the complete package making your move easy and comfortable. For those clients who wish to move valuables themselves, we additionally offer a range of Furniture Removal Trucks. We operate from 8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week. 

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