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Have you bought a piece of furniture you liked online and need it delivered? Is a friend selling some household items that you want to buy and have delivered to your place? Have you bought some nice chairs at a garage sale and need them shipped to your house? If you have any such requirements and are wondering how to go about it, then one-item deliveries might be the service you are looking for. If you live in Auckland, there are a number of such local services available to you that are affordable, dependable, and safe. 

Items that can be shipped using one-item delivery services in Auckland 

You can ship just about anything using one-item delivery services. However, depending on what kind of service you hire, there might be minimum and maximum size and weight specifications that you may have to consider for shipping. 

  • Beds and bedroom furniture
  • Antique furniture (You might want to look for a specialized delivery service that is experienced in handling antiques to prevent damage to the furniture.)
  • Home and kitchen appliances
  • Large showpieces
  • Couches and chairs

These are just a few examples of items that can be shipped using one-item delivery services. If the items you need to ship is really small or oversized, you might have to look for specific services that can ship such items at an affordable price. 

Options in Auckland for one-item deliveries

There are a number of options available for one-item deliveries in Auckland. For each of these services, you should ideally have an option to receive the shipped item signed or unsigned. Signed deliveries are better for fragile and expensive items so you can check they have been safely delivered. For other items, you can opt for unsigned deliveries so it can be delivered in time even if you are out for work or running errands. 

These are a few available services that you can choose from. 

  • Man with a van services: These services are great if you need to ship large items. You can book an entire vehicle and have the item delivered to your doorstep. These services do not come with loaders, so you might need to arrange for someone to help you load and unload the item. 
  • Door-to-door courier services: Courier services are quick, easy to use, and mostly affordable. They are perfect for shipping small items like small showpieces, jewelry, or documents. Most courier services are extremely secure, but do you research in case you need to ship sensitive documents and such other items. 
  • Moving companies: Although moving companies are mainly used for moving houses and offices, they also offer one-item delivery services. These services are good for large pieces of furniture or special items like antiques and artwork as some moving companies specialize in moving such items safely. 
  • Shared load services: If you are looking for an option that is secure yet light on your pocket, then shared loads are a perfect fit. These services use large delivery vehicles for one-item shipping from multiple customers at the same time. This means you do not have to pay for the entire vehicle and the cost of shipping is shared among many people. 

There are a number of companies that offer each of these services in Auckland, so you can do your research and pick one that suits your specifications.

Tips for packing and shipping single items

In most cases, for one-item deliveries, you might need to pack the item yourself, unless it is a special item like crystal or an antique. You can follow a few of these tips to help you pack and ship the item safely and quickly. 

  • Get a box that matches the dimensions of the item that needs to be packed as closely as possible. This will ensure the item does not move around during shipping. 
  • If you are an item that can get damaged during shipping, use bubble wrap and cushioning using pillows, packing paper, or something similar to reduce impact during shipping. 
  • Tape and seal your package well before sipping to ensure that the product does not get damaged. 
  • If you are expecting rain or snow during shipping, use waterproof material for packing, especially for wooden and electronic items. 
  • For small items, a local courier service would be the best service to use for shipping. The items will be safe and will be delivered quickly. 
  • Large items will require a service that owns a large vehicle that can accommodate the item you need to ship. The vehicle may need to be booked specifically for your item. 

For one-item shipping and delivery, you should do some research and pick a service that suits your requirements the best. That way, you will get hassle-free shipping and delivery services that are fast, affordable, and easy to use. 


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