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Pack your curtains. Think about walking into a new home and starting a new life with your family. How would you feel if everyone walking by could peep into this new life? Pretty weird and unsafe, right?

Curtains do a lot more for a home than just looking pretty. They’re the first things you will want up in your new house because you want to enjoy your privacy. By the same logic, they are also likely to be one of the last things you will pack when you are moving from Auckland to the North Island suburbs because you want to enjoy the privacy of your current home just as much.

This is why you need to make sure you plan well before calling house packers and furniture movers. If however, you plan to do it yourself without using movers in Auckland, here are some tips you should keep in mind with regard to packing curtains for a move.

Decide on which curtains you’re taking with you

Do you plan to take all your curtains with you? If they’re new and you really love them, then it makes sense to take your curtains with you. If however, you’re not particularly fond of the curtains you currently have and the new house you’re going to already has curtains there, it would make more sense to either donate your curtains or sell them to a second-hand store.

There is no point wasting money to shift things you aren’t going to use in the new place, or worse, things you don’t even like.

Time the pack of your curtains perfectly

Deciding on when to pack your curtains can be tricky because you need to time it perfectly. Curtains lend privacy to a home and offer a sense of comfort and safety. You’re going to want to experience that in your new home as well as your current one. You need to make sure you don’t pack your curtains too early otherwise you could feel exposed in your current home. At the same time, you need to make sure you don’t leave the curtain packing to the last minute because then there could be a lot of chaos. Timing it a few days before will help you prepare for the move properly.

Make sure you’re moving clean curtains

The last thing you want is to take dirty curtains to your new home. You’re not going to feel great about that. You need to make sure that you give the curtains for cleaning before packing them into boxes for the shift. If you clean them directly, make sure they are dried out completely before you pack them into any box. You could also just dry clean them and save yourself the trouble of having to dry them out.

Packing clean curtains and putting them up in your new home will help you feel rejuvenated and allow you to truly embrace the shift.

Put together the right materials

Organizing the materials you will need for the shift is crucial to ensure everything goes smoothly when you’re packing curtains for a move. You’re going to need:

  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Standard moving boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Permanent marker

Stock up on your supply of these materials so that you can pack without being interrupted by the need to pick up more packing materials.

Pack your curtains based on the moving box you’re using

If you’re using standard moving boxes, then line their base with wrapping paper first. Then, fold the curtains you’re going to be moving to the new house and place them into the moving box. Don’t press them too hard as this could result in wrinkles forming (you could always get these out with iron though). Place the side of the curtain by side in the moving box instead of on top of one another. Turning the moving box onto its side will help to free up more storage space and ensure that the drapes are pulled down. Fill the box, add a layer of protection using packing paper, and then tape it shut.

If you can afford to spend a little more, you can use a wardrobe box to shift curtains.

Label moving boxes

Once you’ve packed your curtains carefully into the boxes, label them so that you are able to differentiate them from other packed boxes that you’re likely to have while shifting houses. Don’t just label them so that you know they’re curtains. Label them based on the rooms that they will be going up in at your new home. This will avoid any confusion when you reach your new home. You can shift the boxes directly into the rooms that they’re meant for and put them up when you arrive at your new home so that you can enjoy your privacy.

Don’t forget to take your curtain rods with you

If you own any customized curtain rods that you’d like to take with you, wrap them in furniture blankets and shift them when the house packers and furniture movers come. 


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