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Moving from one place to the other can be equally daunting and exciting. On the one hand, you are looking forward to your new life. On the other, just the thought of taking inventory of everything you own, packing it into boxes, labelling them and moving to your new location can drain the life out of you. Fortunately, there are highly-professional packing and moving company in Auckland that can ease this transition process for you.

In this article, we have rounded up some useful tips and tricks to select the right packing and moving company for yourself.

Conduct In-depth Screening

If you google “Auckland furniture movers” or “packing and moving company”, the search engine will throw you millions of results. Start by making a list of the top packing and moving companies in your area. Visit the websites of all the companies on your list. Look for important information such as the company’s full name, address, phone number and email. Discredit any company that does not have sufficient information available on its website.

Check Online Reputation for packing and moving company

In an ‘always-online world, it shouldn’t be hard to deep-dive into checking the online reputation of a packing and moving company. Start by reading testimonials on their website. Go to their social media pages and read the feedback/reviews and experiences of past customers. See how the company responds to negative reviews. If all you see are 5 stars and no negative reviews at all, this could be a red flag for illegitimate reviews.

Verify References for a packing and moving company

If you have any doubts regarding reviews and testimonials posted about the packers and movers, it’s a wise idea to verify those references. This is a more trustworthy indicator of the company’s competency as you can get a clearer picture of how they operate. Ensure you ask about the quality and the overall experience of relocating with the company.

Check Experience

Who would you choose? A furniture mover in Auckland with experience or someone new to the business? The answer is clear. A good packer and mover agency must be backed by years of rich experience in helping its customers relocate their belongings. If they have a good list of satisfied customers over the years, it’s a good sign.

Take Suggestions

Know someone from your circle who has relocated recently? Give them a call and find out about their packing and moving company. Ask how their experience has been. There is no better review than the one you can get personally. Or, ask about the packing and moving company you have in mind for your friends and family for any input they may have.

Request Quotes from a Packing and Moving Company

While searching for the best packing and moving company, request quotes directly from the packers and movers you are considering. A smart way to vet them is by getting a list of the exact services they provide with a breakdown included in the estimate. This will give you a clear idea of what you are paying for. Plus, it will be easier to compare quotes of the companies you shortlist.

Opt for Insurance

Most packers and movers take utmost care of your belongings. However, it’s best to be prepared for unpredictable events that could damage your valuable items in transit. Look for packing and moving companies in Auckland offering insurance for your belongings in case of wear and tear during transportation.

Pets, Plants and Vehicles

If you have pets, plants or vehicles, you will have to specifically look for mover companies who offer transportation of the same. Make sure you are clear of your expectations when you approach a packer and mover agency, so there is no miscommunication.

Shortlist and Compare

As you keep ticking each pointer in your checklist, you can finalize or eliminate packers and movers from your list to shortlist the top 3. Before you seal the deal with any, remember to once again cross-check their credentials, quotes, online reputation and the team of workers.

Ask the Right Questions

Consider visiting the office of your top three companies to make an informed decision. While you are there, don’t hesitate to ask all the questions you have in your mind, no matter how trivial they may seem. Find out about their service guarantee, the crew they employ, or their moving process.

How many trucks would you need? How do they pack fragile items? Will they use their own cartons? Whatever it is that you have in your mind, make sure you discuss it all before signing the dotted line.

Wrapping Up

Looking for furniture removals around Auckland and the North Island? We at Easy Move Furniture Removals can take the stress off your shoulders. Whether you are shifting your business to a new office space or moving into a new home, we can take care of all your removal services. Get in touch with us TODAY!

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