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Are you planning to move homes? Moving homes is a big decision and involves a lot of planning and work. One of the biggest challenges in the moving process is packing up the house. Will you be packing the house on your own and getting a moving company only to transport your belongings to the new house? Are you wondering where to start and how to go about packing your house efficiently and the packing supplies for moving? 

Basic Packing Supplies When Moving Houses

These are some of the absolute basics that you need to have in place when planning a move: 

  • Boxes of varying sizes
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Markers in different colors
  • Labels and fragile stickers
  • Packing paper

Get these supplies ready before you start packing so that you have all that you need at hand. Order enough of the supplies so you do not run out of tape or boxes just when you are in a rush to finish packing. 

How To Pack Quickly And Efficiently

  • Start by making a bullet point checklist of all that you need to pack. The beginning of your list should have packing supplies so that you ensure you have supplies in place before you start packing. 
  • Once a list is ready, break it down into smaller lists and order the items based on when each one needs to be packed. Some items make need to be packed just before the move, such as basic kitchen utensils and refrigerator. 
  • Pack items one by one according to the checklist, and tick each item off the list as you get done. 
  • Label all the boxes with the items the boxes contain so that it is easier to unpack I your new home. Labeling can also help inventory all your belongings as they are loaded and unloaded by the moving company. 

Packing Delicate And Brittle Items

Showpieces, wine glasses, bone china, vases are some examples of delicate items you may have in your house. When moving houses, you have to be especially careful with these items to ensure they reach your new home safely. These tips can help you pack such items better: 

  • Get the right boxes for the items. Boxes should be of the correct sizes so the items do not move around inside the boxes. 
  • All the items should be wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure cushioning during transport. 
  • Packing paper can be used to wrap the items and to fill empty pockets and gaps inside boxes. This is helpful especially for odd-shaped items. 
  • Label boxes with brittle and delicate items as fragile so that the moving company knows that these boxes have to be handled and stored with special care. 

Moving Pets Efficiently

If you have pets, you need to take special care when moving them to the new home. If you have small pets that can fit in the car or flight you will be using to get to your new home, it is best to take them with you. However, if you have large pets or farm animals, then you might need to hire a moving company that specializes in transporting animals. 

  • Buy enough food for them for the journey. Ensure that there is a way to feed them food and water so that they are not dehydrated during the journey. 
  • Get crates that are big enough for each animal to sit, stand, and lie down comfortably. Animals should ideally be in individual rates during transport. 
  • If your pets are agitated and you are not able to calm them before the journey, consider giving them a mild sedative. Consul a vet and keep sedatives handy before the day of the move in case you need them. 
  • Be there to receive your pets when the moving company unloads them at your new home. Have a basic setup ready for them before they reach their new home so they can relax after the journey. 

Buying Packing Materials

Many moving companies stock packing supplies and can be asked for advice on special packaging needs as well. If you have a moving company close by, this would be a great idea for you. 

Alternatively, you can order all the supplies you need online. A number of moving companies have websites where you can order supplies. There are also websites that are dedicated to packing supplies and stock specialty moving boxes and supplies. If you wish to order your supplies online, it is best to plan ahead to account for delivery delays and any extra packaging you may need to order after the supplies have been delivered. 

When moving houses, it is always best to plan ahead and have everything in place well before the actual day of moving. Although this may not always be possible, it is best to give yourself at least a few weeks to plan and move, especially when packing on your own.


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