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Are you planning on moving to the North Island suburbs from Auckland? You’re going to have to do a lot of packing and need packing supplies before you make the move. Shifting houses require a lot of work and packing is an essential part of the work involved. Many people opt to do their own packing and moving, but this can prove to be quite challenging, especially when it comes to furniture removals.

A lot of hard work goes into packing, and professional house packers offer you the advantage of safe and secure packing and moving while ensuring that your possessions are kept safe. With Furniture movers like Easy Move Furniture Removals, you won’t have to worry about your possessions getting damaged during transportation. Easy Move Furniture Removals will come prepared with all the Packing Supplies and essentials required for a smooth move.

To get an idea of what is required and how professional Furniture movers can reduce the stress on you to do this, take a look at our compilation of Packing Supplies you’ll need when moving houses.   

  • Moving Boxes

Cardboard boxes of different sizes are essential when you’re moving to the North Island suburbs from Auckland. You’re going to have a lot of possessions at home that need to be shifted, and cardboard boxes are sturdy, affordable, and efficient options for making this move. These may be standard or specialty boxes, depending on what needs to be packed. The number of boxes you will require varies based on how big your house is, how many of your possessions need to be packed, and how far you will need to transport them.

Standard Packing Boxes

  • Small packing boxes – these are required for packing books, tools, and several of your fragile possessions such as souvenirs and glassware.
  • Medium-sized boxes – small appliances, clothes, electronics, and toys can be packed into such boxes.
  • Large boxes – these are ideal for packing bedding, lightweight pieces, and curtains.

Specialty Boxes

Such boxes are designed for special purposes and come in handy when standard boxes don’t meet your needs. Such boxes can easily be made available through the Movers.

  • Wardrobe boxes – these prevent creases on your clothes during transportation, save time, and prevent dust from settling on your clothes.
  • Picture boxes – these are equipped with special frame protectors and are much stronger than standard boxes. They can be used to safely transport large mirrors or framed artwork.
  • Dish pack boxes – such boxes are meant for the safe transportation of fragile items. For an added layer of protection, cells can be inserted in the boxes for individual items.
  • File boxes – you don’t have to worry about losing important documents during your move with these boxes.
  • Specialty boxes are also available in the form of boxes meant to carry sports gear, lamps, musical instruments, and other prized possessions of yours.

2.      Bags

While bags don’t even come close to how effective moving boxes can be, there are some instances when they can come in handy.  

  • Suitcases and travel bags – if you have many suitcases that need to be moved, you can pick some items to carry in them when you’re shifting houses. Books, for example, will be perfectly safe when transported in a suitcase or travel bag.
  • Sealable bags – stay organized by putting small items into such bags.
  • Vacuum bags – these are great for packing blankets, winter clothes, and pillows.
  • Mattress bags – don’t worry about the state of your mattresses during the love if you’ve got these bags.
  • Trash bags – these can come in handy if you need some extra space for light objects.

3.      Moving Containers

  • Custom-made wooden crates – art lovers can keep their valuables safe with such crates.
  • Baskets – use these to get your toys or toiletries from one home to another.
  • Buckets – put all your bathroom items in buckets and shift them to your new house safely.
  • Wrapping and Cushioning Materials

Cushioning materials will keep your possessions protected from shocks and any bumping into other items likely to happen on the way to your new home.  

  • Foam cushioning – perfect for heavy objects that can’t be suitably packed using bubble wrap or other materials.
  • Moving blankets – these prevent damage and dents to your furniture during the process of relocation.
  • Bubble wrap – this is great for fragile items, protruding sections of furniture, and other delicate possessions as the air filling absorb shocks.
  • Plastic wrap – sticking to an item and avoiding any surface residue, keeps items dirt, dust, and moisture-free.
  • Packing paper–glass surfaces will benefit from the smooth protection offered by such material.
  • Packing peanuts – filling the bottom and top of a box with Styrofoam or starch peanuts offers extra protection to items.
  • Securing materials

These are meant to seal and secure your boxes and containers so that maximum protection is made possible.

  • Packing tape
  • Straps and ropes
  • Packing accessories

These may be small, but they’re essential to making your shift smooth.

  • Permanent markers
  • Box cutter, scissors, or utility knife
  • Packing tape dispenser
Packing Supplies

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