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Introduction to Reliable House Packing Supplies

Are you planning a move from Auckland to the North Island suburbs? Ensuring the safety of your belongings is paramount, and that begins with choosing the right house packing supplies. At Easy Move Furniture Removals, we provide a comprehensive range of supplies to ensure a smooth transition.

Moving Pack - 1 bedroom


1 x Packing Tape
1 x Packing Paper (Approx. 125 Sheets)
10 x Small Boxes
5 x Medium Boxes
5 x Large Boxes

Moving Pack - 2 Bedroom


2 x Packing Tape
1 x Packing Paper (Approx. 125 Sheets)
10 x Small Boxes
10 x Medium Boxes
10 x Large Boxes

Moving Pack - 3 Bedroom


3 x Packing Tape
2 x Packing Paper (Approx 125 Sheets)
15 x Small Boxes
15 x Medium Boxes
10 x Large Boxes

Moving Pack - 4 Bedroom


4 x Packing Tape
3 x Packing Paper (Approx. 125 Sheets)
20 x Small Boxes
20 x Medium Boxes
15 x Large Boxes

Home Mover Pack


4 x Moving Bags
2 x Packing Tape
1 x Packing Paper (Approx. 125 Sheets)
10 x Small Boxes
10 x Medium Boxes
10 x Large Boxes

Bulk Deals

4 x Packing Tape                                   $11.00
3 x Moving Bags                                    $12.00
10 x Small Boxes                                   $30.00
10 x Medium Boxes                               $40.00
10 x Large Boxes                                   $55.00

Moving Boxes

Small                                                         $03.50
Medium                                                     $04.50
Large                                                         $05.50
Archive                                                      $04.50
Wine and Insert                                        $07.00
Flat Pack (Linen)                                     $07.50
Slider(Picture and Mirror)                      $10.00
Port-A-Robe                                              $14.00

Packing Materials

Bubble Wrap (Per Metre)                        $02.75
Corrugated Cardboard (per metre)       $02.75
Moving Blankets                                      $16.00
Packing Knife                                           $03.00
Packing Paper (2.5kg)                            $13.00
Shrink Wrap (400m roll)                         $30.00
Tissue Paper (Approx. 50 Sheets)       $05.00
Tissue Paper (Approx. 1000 Sheets)   $40.00

Plastic Containers and Moving Bags

Moving Bags – 4 for $12.00 or $03.50 each

52 Litre – 2 for $26.90 or $15.80 each
35 Litre – 2 for $21.00 or $12.00 each

Mattress Protectors

King                                                           $07.90
Queen                                                        $06.50
Single                                                        $05.00

Tape and Labelling

Marker Pen                                               $03.50
Tape Dispenser                                        $13.00
Fragile Tape                                             $06.00
Packing Tape               4 for $11.00 or $03.50 


Dining Chair (2 Pack)                             $06.80
Lounge Chair ( 2 Pack)                           $07.50
3 Seater Lounge                                      $07.50


Padlocks                                                   $14.00

Essential House Packing Supplies for Every Move

Versatile Moving Boxes

Selecting the right moving boxes is crucial:

  • Standard Packing Boxes: We offer small boxes for heavy items like books, medium boxes for miscellaneous goods, and large boxes for bulky items such as bedding and curtains.
  • Specialty Boxes for Unique Needs: Additionally, consider our wardrobe boxes for crease-free clothing transport, picture boxes for protecting art, and dish pack boxes for fragile kitchenware.

Discover the ideal boxes for your needs by visiting our Box Shop delivered to your door by National Storage.

Comprehensive Wrapping and Cushioning Solutions

To further safeguard your possessions during the move, we recommend:

  • Bubble Wrap: Perfect for wrapping delicate items and protecting furniture edges.
  • Packing Peanuts: These effectively fill voids in boxes, providing crucial shock absorption.
  • Moving Blankets and Foam Cushioning: Essential for protecting larger items and furniture from scratches and dents.

Explore our full range of protective materials at Packing Supplies For Moving.

Alternative Packing Options: Bags and Containers

For items that require special handling, we also offer:

  • Vacuum Bags: Ideal for compressing clothes and bedding, which simplifies transport.
  • Mattress Bags: Ensure your mattresses stay clean and undamaged during the move.
  • Custom-made Wooden Crates: Perfect for art lovers needing extra protection for valuable pieces.

Benefits of Choosing Our House Packing Supplies

Opting for high-quality house packing supplies can significantly improve your moving experience. Here’s why our customers prefer us:

  • Unmatched Quality and Variety: Our extensive selection of packing materials ensures the protection of all household items.
  • Professional Advice: Our experts provide personalized recommendations to help you select the best supplies for your specific moving needs.
  • Convenient Shopping: Purchase directly from our online shop and enjoy having your packing supplies delivered straight to your doorstep.

Prepare for Your Move with Confidence

Ready to start packing? Contact Easy Move Furniture Removals at 0800 432 796 or visit the above to shop for house packing supplies online. With our professional-grade materials, rest assured that every item will be securely packed, making your transition as effortless as possible.