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Are you planning to move house this winter during the cold and chilly winters?. New Zealand’s winters can get extreme, and you certainly expect weather-related obstacles as the season approaches. In such situations, how do you move your house?

However, moving during the winter can be good at times. Since most people decide to move your house in summer because schools are closed, moving companies may not be free at the time. Professional movers, who are essential for making the move convenient and time-saving, would have more time during winters because the demand slumps.

How to make your winter move easy?

If you are planning to move into your new house in winter, here are a few tips for making your winter move a little easier:

Hire a professional

No matter how much you think about doing everything on your own, you will land up spending money and energy. So why not hire a professional packing and moving company? Look for reliable movers who can simplify the move for you with the necessary equipment and materials. Moreover, they help you save costs on a number of things such as packing materials, boxes, and tapes. So you don’t have to hunt for materials in the chilly weather.

Keep your winter gears handy

However, if you decide to move on your own, you need to ensure that your walkways are free of ice. For that, you need to keep certain tools handy. You might be needing an ice remover, towels, hats, scrapers, and gloves at any time during the move. Keep them in an accessible place in the trunk of your car so that you don’t have to rummage through other belongings you are carrying.

Prepare your car

Winters can wreak havoc on your car. So you should check the condition of your car much before dumping all your boxes into it. Make sure your car has sufficient air and tread pressure in order to deal with snowy weather. You should also scrape away any snow or ice from the tires so that they don’t skid. In case you are travelling far, keep an emergency kit and many blankets in the car.

Start a little early

Since it gets dark very early, you should consider leaving a little early in the day. If you start during the first half of the day, you are left with enough time to unload and move your belongings to your new house. Moreover, it also becomes easier to drive during the day before fog lights of cars start dazzling you. For keeping yourself and your family safe during the move, consider starting early so that you can call it a night before dark.

Consider dressing in layers

Moving your house means you will have to lift heavy boxes. But you can’t be doing that with a hooded, furry coat. In short, you can’t be bulky. But you can dress in layers for protecting yourself from the cold. Dressing in layers will keep your body warm without making it difficult to lift and move items. Moreover, you can remove a layer or two if you feel hot after some time.

Keep yourself updated

Since the weather during winters is unpredictable, you need to keep an eye on the latest weather reports for your region. There may be storms and heavy snow on the way that may make your move difficult. Weather reports help you to plan your move and take flexible decisions. You may want to avoid moving on a day when the forecasts show bad weather. Jeopardizing your own life along with your family’s by moving in bad weather would be nothing more than sheer carelessness.

Take care of your electronics

Extreme winters do affect the functionality of electronics. For example, your microwave may get wet in the snow even if you have boxed it up properly. Since electrical appliances are expensive, you need to ensure their protection during the move. Consider wrapping them up with blankets for more insulation. After you move, give them some time to come back to room temperature for preventing condensation damage.

Keep drinking something warm

As you are moving perhaps through an icy landscape, you need to keep yourself warm. Consider filling a flask with hot coffee and carrying a few paper cups while driving. You can stop by somewhere and sip some to feel warm inside. Moreover, coffee will keep you charged till you finally move all your belongings into your new house. You can also make a flask of hot chocolate milk for your kids in case you don’t want to caffeinate them.

If you keep these tips in mind, you are sure to experience a safe and convenient winter move.


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