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Relocating to a new city, a new country, or simply moving to North Island suburbs from the city can be overwhelming to anyone, especially children. Moving can be a stressful experience for your children that can cause a lot of anxiousness in you. But you can prepare your child for the move and make them feel comfortable and happy about the new change in their life. You can dial down the drama, and the stress and make the transition easy for them, as well as you. The below tips will help to prepare your child for a move.

Talk about the move sooner than later!

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is that they fail to share the news about the move with their children until the last moment. While parents think they are protecting their children from a lot of pain, did you know that it is always better to prepare your child for the move even before you look for furniture movers? When you talk to your children about the big transition in their life, they get enough time to prepare themselves and to healthily accept the change in their life.

Honour their feelings

Relocating can be a crushing experience for many children, especially when it is the first time. As ideal as it is to inform them about the move before you look for house packers and movers in Auckland, it is also necessary to honour their feelings. Talk to your child and ask them how they feel about it. Instead of trying to convince them that it is for a better life, listen to what they are feeling, and allow them to express themselves.

When is the right time to move?

When your child knows that moving is inevitable, you can decide when the move must happen. When is the right time to move? As per some of the best East Auckland movers as well as West Auckland movers, most parents prefer to move during the summer as children get sufficient time to spend with their friends and then say goodbye. Experts believe that moving during school could have a negative impact on the children as they may be rushed to say goodbye to their friends.

Acknowledge a visual countdown

Once you have decided when to move, you can start preparing a checklist with all the responsibilities that you have to fulfil. When you prepare the checklist, you can make it attractive such that your children start to accept the move wholeheartedly. You can prepare a visual countdown checklist that will enable you to fulfil all your responsibilities, such as finding the best Henderson movers and furniture removals, and your children are emotionally prepared for moving day.

Show them the new home and the surroundings

If you are moving someplace close by, it would be ideal for taking your children to your new home before moving day. Showing them the new home and the surroundings prepare them to accept the change in their life. When you show them their new home, let them plan how to decorate their room. Allow them to get involved, which will boost their morale and reduce stress. You never know, your child may be more excited to move if they find something interesting and more attractive than their old home.

Make memories of your past life

Children are more attached to their home, to their friends, the street they learned how to cycle, the school they love, and everything that makes them happy. Leaving behind a happy life can be devastating. But you can make this move a memorable one by making an album or a video of their past life. Take pictures and offer to make them an album in which they can write their sweetest memories, and make a video of all the places they love to hang around. Having something to look into when they move will help them cherish the life they had.

Share responsibilities

Relocating is a cumbersome task that takes a lot of time and energy. It is stressful and can take a toll on your health, especially if you are doing it alone. Instead of asking for help from your friends, involve your children in the task. Share responsibilities! It can be anything from sorting your belongings into ‘keep’ ‘throw’ and ‘donate,’ to packing them. Children feel appreciated when they are involved, and when they are given responsibility. It will not only make them feel needed, but also prepare them to move, emotionally.

Give time to say goodbye!

Many professional Auckland movers say that goodbyes are the single most vital thing that helps children cope with the change in their life. it is vital to give your child the time that is needed to say goodbye to their friends, their home, school, and everything that they love there before they move to the new home.

Relocating can be overwhelming, but as a parent, if you give enough time to your children to let them accept the inevitable, the stress they feel is reduced drastically.


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