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If you are searching for a Reliable Moving Company in Auckland and North Island, look no further than Easy Move Furniture Removals. Established in 2009, we have been serving residential and commercial clients with our moving and packing solutions with the utmost sincerity, integrity, and professionalism. We make the moving process—whether locally or over long distances—convenient, quick, stress-free, and safe. We know that relocating your home or office is a big decision. It involves a gamut of factors like cost, the safety of your belongings, and personal adjustments to consider. The pressure can be mounting, to say the least. As an end-to-end Reliable Moving Company living by values of honesty and empathy, Easy Move Furniture Removals strives to make the relocation process easy, quick and affordable. Whether you are moving your entire house or office, or just shifting some furniture, leave all the hard work to us so that you can focus on things that actually matter.

A Reliable Moving Company you can trust

We hire and nurture a team that’s committed to creating and providing excellent customer experiences. Our strict vetting process ensures that we hire only those professionals who know the nitty-gritty of residential and commercial relocation. The track record and qualification of every moving professional is checked thoroughly so that the right people are put to the right task. We understand that a home or an office can have innumerable valuable items. Any damage caused to them can be a heartbreaking loss. Hence, our team uses the right tools, equipment, and moving trucks to ensure that all your belongings are handled with care and reach your destination intact and unbroken.

Creating a seamless moving experience

Over the years, we have garnered the trust of X+ clients across Auckland and North Island. Easy Move Furniture Removals is often the name that pops into the mind of residential and commercial clients while looking for a Moving Company in Auckland, either to relocate locally or go a long distance. That’s because we create and deliver a seamless experience to our clients—one that’s defined by convenience, care, and commitment. From packing to loading and moving to finally unloading and unpacking your belongings at your destination, each step of the process is performed by our well-trained professionals with diligence and caution.

Packing and storage made more convenient and reliable with our Moving Company

At Easy Move Furniture Removals, we seek to add a whole new level of convenience and reliability to the moving process. Our trained furniture movers and packers step in to eliminate the headache of packing and storing your belongings. We use top-end packaging materials, such as bubble wraps, cartons, mattress covers, packaging tapes, and other supplies to ensure the complete safety of your expensive belongings. Besides, we have secure storage facilities where you can safely and affordably store your belongings for a short or long time. Our options are extremely flexible so that the needs of any home- or office-owner are not excluded.

State-of-the-art moving trucks for a faster and safer move

At Easy Move Furniture Removals, we have a fleet of different-sized moving trucks. The purpose behind having a varied fleet is to serve both small and large moves across short and long distances. Well-equipped with all the necessary items, such as safety straps and furniture blankets, our fleet of moving trucks guarantees a quicker and safer move from point A to point B. All our trucks are designed to align with the size and nature of your move.

Budget-friendly solutions that make moving stress-free

The cost of the moving process can be a nightmare for many people. That’s understandable because their needs can be complex. Not every individual or business will have the same moving needs or the budget to fulfill those needs. This is why our Moving Company have created moving and packing solutions that are light on the pocket. We know that you are looking for a reliable Moving Company, but certainly, it shouldn’t cost you a bomb. Our Moving Services are known to meet your unique needs in the most affordable way possible. Trust us, you can rest easy knowing that your relocation process will not break your bank account.

Prompt customer service for a lasting impression

Timely and efficient delivery of moving and packing services is the foremost goal of our team at Easy Move Furniture Removals. We have created a convenient process that helps you get a quick estimate of the cost, compare moving rates, choose the kind of service you need, and finally move to your new place. Right from fulfilling your packing needs, to loading, moving, and unloading, the entire moving process is made easy like never before. Are you looking for a Moving Company to help you move a long distance around North Island? Reach out to our team. We will be glad to help you outa

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