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Relocating involves a lot of planning. But when you have a family member who is dependent on medical equipment for their day-to-day care, it becomes even more imperative to plan your move carefully. Our team at Easy Move Furniture Removals are specialized Auckland furniture movers, with extensive experience supporting the relocation needs of residents across the North Island. We have worked with homeowners who have wanted us to ship a variety of medical equipment and furniture like hospital beds, feeding tubes, lift chairs, prosthetic devices, ventilators, wheelchairs and more. Here we share a few tips on how to safely relocating medical equipment and medical furniture to your new home.

1. Separate the medical equipment which contains hazardous materials before you ship them

Some medical equipment may run on chemicals that can become hazardous if they are exposed to air or surfaces. In some cases, the materials the equipment runs on the need to be stored at a specific temperature to ensure the equipment works properly.

When shifting medical equipment to your new home, it’s important to identify which equipment needs to be packaged and transported with extra care. Contact your medical equipment & furniture provider to get the information you need. Share the information with your moving company so they can adopt the right safety measures when shifting your equipment. We will ensure the right moving vehicles are provided to you, to transport sensitive equipment in a safe manner.

2. Check the fragility of your equipment to determine the transport route

Medical equipment and furniture can be very expensive. Sometimes they may contain fragile components that are vulnerable to breakage if not handled correctly. Replacing your medical equipment is neither feasible nor affordable. This is why advanced route planning is essential when relocating medical furniture and equipment across Auckland.

When planning your transportation route, check the fragility of your equipment to ensure the most compatible routes are taken. This will ensure your equipment reaches your new home safely and they are ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

3. Ask your furniture removals Auckland company for help choosing the right packaging materials

Medical equipment typically has packaging materials that are designed specifically for the equipment. At Easy Move Furniture Removals, we use these bespoke packing materials to ensure your medical equipment and furniture are stored safely and handled with care during the move. When you contact us for furniture removals in Auckland, please share the details of the medical equipment you’d like us to transport to your new home. We will provide the correct packaging material that you can use to carefully shift your medical equipment to your new home.

4.    Buy insurance for your medical equipment and medical furniture

As a best practice, it always helps to insure your medical equipment before relocating. That way, you will have an added layer of financial protection during your shift to your new residence. These days, many insurance providers offer policies for covering medical equipment during transport. You can even consult your physician or the hospital to find providers who meet your bespoke needs.

5. Determine the time sensitivity of your medical needs and ship items accordingly

Some medical equipment like beds, tubes, ventilators etc. need to be already shipped and installed before you or your loved one arrives at your new home. To ensure this happens, it’s important to ship priority equipment & furniture in advance, before shipping non-priority equipment.

Make a list of all the equipment that you may not need while travelling en route or even prior to your move. Start shifting items in batches so your new home is already equipped with the furniture and equipment you need before you arrive. If you need certain equipment throughout, consider renting the priority medical equipment for a few days from your provider. That way, you can ship your equipment a day or two prior to your relocation and use the rented equipment during the travel. 

6. Work with your movers to plan for potential medical emergencies en route during the move

Finally, it’s important to actively collaborate with your Auckland furniture movers to ensure you account for potential medical emergencies en route. Important equipment needs to be handy and easily unloadable, if necessary.

Our team of movers at Easy Move Furniture Removals are extremely empathetic and responsive. We can plan a moving route and contingency plans, should you require any specific medical equipment en route to your new home. You can trust us to ensure that your medical equipment and furniture make their way safely and in time to your destination. Our moving vehicles can be temperature and humidity controlled to ensure your sensitive equipment are in perfect condition. Contact us today to schedule a conversation with our team. We will work tirelessly to ensure you face no difficulty or stress during the move.

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