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Moving homes can often be a stressful time even if it’s exciting to move into a new place. The stress of packing household items and furniture can be immense and you may forget to consider removing rubbish before moving.

Enlisting the help of furniture removals Auckland can help you ease your packing and moving stress. However, it’s essential to get rid of all unwanted rubbish before the movers can get there. Otherwise, you’re just transporting rubbish from one home to the next, taking up unnecessary space in the house and the transportation truck. 

Here are 6 effective tips to help you in removing rubbish before moving and dispose of unwanted stuff before you hire Auckland furniture movers.

Plan and make lists

It’s good practice to plan your move well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles and stress. It will also help you find the right furniture removal company to relocate within Auckland or the North Island region. While planning the move, remember to add rubbish removal and plan sufficient time for it!

Depending on the size of your home, you may need anywhere between two days to a few weeks to sort through each room and separate the waste from the items you’re keeping. Making checklists as you go through each room is a great way to stay organized and remember everything you need to dispose of. You can also segregate it into four and list items that need to be disposed of, given away to charity, sold or kept. Everything that isn’t listed under one of these heads will go with you to your new home.

Start packing early

It may seem wrong to start packing without getting rid of all the rubbish first, but the sooner you start packing, the more rubbish you will be able to identify. You will also have enough packing boxes to divide the rubbish into different boxes and label them the same as your checklists – trash, charity, sell, keep. 

You can remove and divide all the obvious junk into the four boxes before actually packing anything, but you will invariably find more items you don’t need once you start packing. You can then toss them into the right box as you go, making it much simpler than hacking through every room to find junk first and then again to pack it up.

Check and start removing rubbish before moving

Once you have all the rubbish separated from the items you want to bring with you to the new house, it’s time to check each box and sort through it. You will have to separate all the junk into various types of trash such as recyclable, non-recyclable, items that can go in your regular trash can, and items that need special disposals such as white goods, furniture, and medical or electronic waste. 

Just like you will hire a furniture removal company in Auckland, you can also hire professionals who can help you dispose of this rubbish effectively and without harming the environment.

Be responsible with electronic waste

There may be more old electronic goods that are no longer used than you may have first realized. And since most of these items contain metal and plastic, you cannot simply add them to landfills. It ends up damaging the ecosystem and contributes heavily to issues such as global warming.

Hiring professional help is the easiest solution since they can effectively recycle the materials that are recyclable and dispose of the rest ethically in a way that doesn’t harm the ecosystem. However, if you wish to get rid of old electronics yourself, make sure you consult your local authority or help system and find out the right way to dispose of them.

Book removal services early

In case you decide to hire professionals to help you get rid of all the rubbish, it’s advisable to book their services well in advance, just like you’d book Auckland moving services early on. Rubbish removal companies get busy around the same season as furniture removal Auckland companies since most people start removing rubbish before moving. It’s the most convenient time to reassess your stuff and decide what you do and don’t need anymore.

So, ensure that you book waste disposal services early to avoid last-minute hassle and unavailability issues.

Stay organized and stick to checklists for moving rubbish before moving

While it may be tempting to tackle the entire house at once, it’s not practical. The best way to go about removing rubbish is to make checklists for every room, start with one room, tick everything off on the checklist, and then repeat for another room. If you do this for every room in the house, your work will be done faster and you won’t be overwhelmed. It’s important to be methodical while tackling such a large task!

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