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There’s so much to do at Christmas time! With decorations to buy and celebrations with near and dear ones, December is a busy month for many folks. Imagine moving house at Christmas! The mere thought of moving house and home is a nightmare, this close to the Christmas festival. Moving is something of an unpredictable circumstance in a way. If you’ve been searching for the ideal home for a while, and the right one comes along near Christmas time, you can’t refuse it.

Don’t fret, though. There are ways to smoothen the moving process and keep your sanity in the bargain! Fortunately, when you have to relocate with proficient movers, Auckland is the right place to find adept people to help you.

Book your movers ASAP

As much as the idea of shifting into a new home drives you up the wall, it is a doable action at Christmas time. All it takes is the presence of mind and getting in touch with the right people to aid you. You know Christmas is a hectic time for you, in normal circumstances, so it’s as busy for furniture movers. Once you have a fixed date to move into your new residence, book your removal company. If you don’t move fast, you won’t be able to confirm your preferred date.

Simultaneously, if you need any repairs done at your new residence, book a trade person quickly. You may also have to have some fittings in your old house removed by electricians, plumbers, and the like. You don’t want to have to move heaven and earth to get workers in on Christmas!

Adapt to the time

You need to realize that major repairs and renovations will have to wait till the new year to be done. Many people in these trades either leave the city to be with their families or take their much-needed holiday breaks. With the most resilient movers, Auckland companies may not be able to offer all the prescribed moving services during Christmas. For instance, you can expect to have things left unpacked for a while. Your new home may not be as neat as you want it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend a memorable first holiday there. Being flexible at this time will help.

Get your utilities in order

See that you get all your utility connections before you move into your new home. Gas, water, and electricity connections should be installed before the furniture movers get into your new home. Movers will likely be delivering several appliances to your new home, and you’ll want the basic ones working when you shift in.

Box up things according to need

Since you may not be able to get every box unpacked at your destination, movers, Auckland experts especially, recommend that you take extra care while packing items. Consider what you require the most and things you may need on an urgent basis, and pack those up, so they can be unpacked conveniently. So, you’ll need the tree and decorations packed where you can locate them easily while unpacking, as well as dishes and utensils for cooking. Handy things need to be accessed quickly and without much hassle.

Get help

At Christmas, more than ever, it’s the time for families to come together. No matter if you don’t meet at other times, you definitely spend Christmas with close people. With such short notice, you may think this is an impossible task, but you can have some family members stay over for a small celebration. Furniture movers will deliver your goods and perhaps unpack some, but with relations around, you can garner more help. Not only will they be pleased to spend the first Christmas with you in your new abode, but they will also be part of the moving in too!

Get some online shopping done

You may feel overwhelmed while moving into your new home over the holidays, especially if you have the added responsibility of children. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Shop online for gifts. Going to malls will be problematic with all the chores you have to do in terms of relocating. You can have your gifts delivered to your new home. Online stores do well during the Christmas season, and some will be happy to wrap the gifts for you too. Even if there is an additional charge for this service, it’s worth paying to see the large smiles on your children’s faces.

Check for add-ons from the removal company

You may be pleasantly surprised that some movers, Auckland area ones, may be happy to offer you the additional services of a clean-up. This involves cleaning any appliances that may have to be packed. It also includes the cleaning of upholstery and linen before it is packed so that these are ready for use after unpacking. Clean-up services also entail the cleaning of windows at your new home. Many services may run during the holidays, so don’t worry if you have to move homes in New Zealand during Christmas.


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