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Moving can be exhausting and unnerving, especially if it is your first time moving houses with lots of belongings. If you have lived in the same place for many years, you would have probably accumulated a lot of belongings—furniture, artwork, antiques, delicate showpieces—that you would wish to take with you to your new home. Are you worried about transporting all your delicate furniture and artwork safely? Are you wondering how to ensure they are not damaged during the move with Specialised furniture delivery services? 

Specialised furniture delivery services

There are a number of specialised furniture delivery services around the Auckland area that specialize in packing, transporting, and delivering expensive and delicate items of furniture. These moving companies have all the know-how, personnel, and equipment to move your belongings safely and securely to your new home. Easy Move Furniture Removals is one such company that you can trust for your precious antique furniture and artwork. Two of the most common kinds of specialised services available around Auckland that people look for are packing and delivery of antique furniture and artwork. 

Antique furniture delivery

Antique furniture can be pretty expensive to buy and maintain. The size of such furniture can vary from a small bedside table to a large cupboard or bigger. They may also have intricate carvings and other delicate pieces that could break if not cared for well. The polish and finish of such furniture also need to be maintained not just so they look good but also to protect them against humidity and other external factors. 

If you own any such pieces of furniture and are moving houses, it might be a good idea to look for a specialised furniture delivery service that understands the handling of antique furniture. Here are a few basics you should look for when choosing a moving company to move your antique furniture: 

  • Thick furniture rugs in all the delivery vehicles
  • Professional crating and unboxing of antiques
  • Painting and polishing services after delivery
  • Experienced and knowledgeable personnel

Antique wooden furniture will almost always sustain a few scratches and scrapes on the surface during transportation. A good moving company will include polishing and related services as part of the moving. They will have personnel who specialize in restoring antiques to rid your furniture of all the minor scrapes and scratches sustained during transport. 

Artwork packing and delivery

Moving artworks can be tricky and even more so if they are expensive, old, and delicate pieces of art. When moving houses, you need to be careful to whom you give the responsibility of transporting your artwork to your new home. 

There are a number of moving companies around Auckland that specialize in transporting artwork. Here are a few points you need to look at in the services that moving companies provide to know if they are specialists in artwork transport and delivery: 

  • Temperature and humidity control in the delivery vehicles
  • Racks to store paintings and keep them from moving during transport
  • Restricted access for the moving company personnel 
  • 24/7 monitoring and security from pick up to delivery

A good way to find such companies is to look for moving companies that service art galleries and artists in your area, as they will be equipped with all the equipment and know-how for transporting artwork safely from one place to the next. 

Tips for hiring a good specialised furniture delivery service around Auckland

These are a few pointers that can help you transport all your delicate, expensive belongings safely when moving houses: 

  • There are a number of good specialised moving services available around the Auckland area, so do your research to find a company that best suits your requirements. It helps to start looking a few months before you actually move.
  • Do not rush and book the first moving company you get to know about, but look at all the options available before deciding. Reviews, testimonials, and a few calls to the companies can give you a good idea about their services. 
  • Take time out to read through the transport insurance cover and the terms and conditions given by the moving company before you sign an agreement. 
  • Understand the basics of what is required for moving antiques, artwork and such safely so you can assess the equipment and services provided by a moving company to know if they are good. 
  • Choose companies that will not only load, transport, and deliver, but will also pack and unpack all the items being moved.
  • Be present when the moving vehicles arrive to ensure all your belongings are present and in good shape. Taking an inventory of your belongings is a good idea at this stage. 

Moving delicate and expensive belongings is not easy, so planning ahead and finding the right people for the job can not only help you relax but will ensure that the move is smooth and easy. It will also free you up to plan the rest of your activity and avoid confusion and last-minute hassles.


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