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Moving to Auckland suburbs when you have lived in a city all your life, can be overwhelming. It is a stressful experience as several small things add up to the overwhelming experience. The move carries with it a big change in your life as you will be leaving behind your home, your friends, and everything that has been a part of you for several years. The stress of moving increases as you are burdened with a lot of responsibilities, from finding the best Auckland movers and house packers, changing your address for essential services, packing your personal belongings, to saying goodbye to the life you have had. Every step that you take may be a trigger point that causes stress. To be able to deal with the increased stress of moving, you must first be able to recognize the symptoms of stress.

Recognizing the symptoms of the stress of moving while moving homes

It is okay to be spiralling out of control when furniture removals and movers Auckland are packing and loading your furniture; or when you are sorting your belongings to decide whether to keep or to give away; or in any such instance that reminds you that your life is changing to the unexpected. You feel stressed when you do not know what to expect, whether your life will be better or worse, whether the move is good for you or whether it is a mistake. An unexpected future causes stress, and recognizing the symptoms of stress is vital to be able to manage it.

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Increased forgetfulness, unorganized behavior
  • Impaired judgment and difficulty making decisions
  • Constant worrying
  • Unable to look into the positive side
  • The feeling of worthlessness or depression
  • Constant headaches, insomnia, chest pain, fatigue
  • Overwhelmed by the near future
  • Avoiding people intentionally

Excessive stress of moving can also manifest in your behaviour that increasing the need to manage stress before it leads to a phase that is difficult to come out of. As overwhelming as stress is, by taking all the necessary actions to manage it, you can ensure that your move runs smoothly.

How to deal with stress?

Moving is stressful only if you let it be. It can negatively affect your physical and mental health, causing pain to you and everyone around you. By learning to manage stress, you not only ensure that you stay healthy and focused but also benefit from transitioning to a new life easily. Here are some tips to stay stress-free during a move.

  • Start early

Don’t wait until the furniture movers are home to pack your stuff. Get an early start on preparing yourself for the move by doing small things that will help you build up to an easy transition.

  • Adopt and practice the right attitude

Emphasize everything good that will happen to you after your move instead of hanging on to what you are losing. Focus on meeting new people, making new friends, better opportunities, and every aspect that can make you happy about the move.

  • Don’t forget to research

One of the most common reasons why moving becomes stressful is because you are moving into the unknown. Ask any east Auckland movers or west Auckland movers, and you will realize that there is one simple solution to reduce stress caused by the ‘unknown’ – research! Research about where you are going, what are the best things you can get there, how you can make your move easier, and practice that.

  • Prepare a checklist

Preparing a checklist is the easiest way to stay organized and ensure that your move is stress-free. By breaking down your move into manageable steps, you not only make the move realistic

but also easy to manage.

  • Decluttering is an opportunity, not a task

You can make the move hassle-free and easy if you take every talk to be fulfilling. Decluttering and organizing your things can take a lot of time and energy which can also cause a lot of stress if you think it is a task. Instead, take it to be an opportunity to donate what you don’t use, to make some money with a yard sale, or to have a clutter-free new home where you have only those things you need.

  • Take help

Doing everything alone can be painful and boring. Instead, take help from family and friends. Divide the task among members of the family, ask friends to help as and when they can, so that you do not take all the burden.

  • Don’t forget to take care of your health

Amid everything, don’t ignore your health. Make sure that you sleep enough, eat healthy food, and give yourself time to be entertained. Go out with friends, take a long walk, or do anything that relaxes you. Make sure that you do not burden your mind or body.

Henderson movers suggest visualizing the result of the move, how your life will change for the better, and what the new life will imply. Concentrating on the end result will help you create a path towards a stressful move from the city to the Auckland suburbs. 

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