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Moving days are always difficult. No matter how meticulously you plan your move, there’s always something that ends up missing or broken. On a stressful day like this, you’ll need to be able to rely on your moving company to be able to do their part of the work. There are different types of moving companies that provide services according to your unique set of needs. Some people hate packing so they can have the movers do that for them. Some people just need assistance with getting their already packed belongings from point A to point B. Not everyone’s needs are the same. No matter the situation, you’ll need the movers to do at least some of the work when you move.

They lighten the burden by helping you during one of the most stressful days in your life at that stage. You’ll need to be very careful when you pick your movers. You’ll have to pick someone who can deliver to your moving needs. You’ll need to find someone you can really on and trust with your belongings. You’ll have to look at qualifications and experience. Maybe even vet a few moving companies online and do your own homework before physically approaching them. Ask for quotes from a couple of moving companies so you can compare cost vs. services provided by each company, weigh your options carefully, and then decide.

What do moving companies generally do?

The movers are responsible for hauling, loading, and unloading your belongings from one place to the other. The mere fact that you won’t have to do it alone is already a big relief. You can’t have a smooth move without proper communication. Once you’ve settled on a moving company, there are certain things you’ll need to discuss with them.

What are you packing?

A big move is always tough. There will definitely be things that you have to leave behind and can’t take with you to your new place. Because of this, it’s important that you tell your movers what you’ve packed so they know how they should handle each item. A lot of moving companies also provide the option of packing for you. This lightens your load significantly. All you’ll have to do is tell you what needs to be packed, and they’ll do it for you. Not only will you not have to do it yourself, but by letting them do it, you’re also getting the job done in a much more efficient manner as they are experts at what they do.

You’ll have to talk to them about additional charges if you want this service included. You’ll also need to point out items that need to be packed and the items you’re not taking or planning on disposing of. Tell your movers if there are certain things that you’d like to pack by yourself so you can avoid mistakes and misunderstandings later.

What will you be doing about your pets?

If you own pets, they might be in danger of getting in the way during your big move. To avoid this, discuss your strategy for moving your pet with your moving company. Always keep your pets contained. Move them to one area of the house and make this area known to your movers until everything has been packed and loaded onto the trucks. Let them know the number of pets you have and where they will be while the move is happening.

Will there be multiple stops?

If you’re planning on stopping by a storage unit first, inform your movers about this sometime far before the big move, so they can make the necessary arrangements for it. Your movers won’t have a problem with this as long as you don’t spring this on the last minute after they’ve carefully planned the routes to your new house or apartment and figured out the time frames of the appointments. Give them some time to prepare by informing them well beforehand. Talk to your movers about this while you’re making the appointment itself to avoid any misunderstandings. Check-in with your movers again on the day of the move and make sure they’re aware of the extra stop.

What are you transporting?

There are certain items that are on the no-transport list. While some movers transport things like food items, plants, and valuables, others refuse to. So tell your movers what you plan to be transporting and make sure they’re okay with it. You wouldn’t want any last-minute surprises. Moving companies are not allowed to transport car batteries, fuel, and bleach by law. If you have these items in your possession, then it’s best to dispose of them and buy them later when you arrive at your new destination.

Moving companies are life savers. While most moving days are headaches for most people, with the right moving company, the whole process will be a breeze