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Relocating to a new house can be a nightmare for a few of us. From packing your furniture, clothes, and other household items to moving them into your new house- everything can be extremely tiresome. The situation is worse when you have to do so on short notice.

But don’t let the chaos make you ignore one of your most expensive possessions- your electronic devices. Your electronic gadgets certainly aren’t cheap (both in a monetary and quality sense). So you can’t afford to simply dump them in a large box and take it to your new home. That could be a catastrophe!

Your electronic devices such as iPads, televisions, laptops, video game systems, stereos, and computers are made of delicate electrical components, which can get damaged easily while moving. Excessive jolting and jerking can cause their components to snap, rendering your device dysfunctional. 

How to handle electronic devices safely while relocating?

But worry not. You can follow a few tips to keep your expensive electronic devices safe while moving them to your new house.

Back up your files

Don’t be surprised because it’s a part of your move. What if the laptop falls on the ground and the hard drive crashes? All your files would be gone. That can prove expensive both monetarily and professionally. So it’s recommended that you store all your important documents, pictures, and videos on an external hard drive or on the cloud. This may take a while, but you shouldn’t ignore this. Backing up your files prevents loss of data or important information even if the device is damaged during the move.

Consider a professional packing and moving company

Even if you are planning to move on a low budget, you should consider a professional company that can simplify the process for you. The Internet provides numerous companies that can help you with everything- from getting the right packing materials to transporting your items safely to your new house. They are not always very expensive. However, the rate differs from company to company depending on moving requirements. But they take a lot of burden off your shoulders.

Use original packing materials (if possible)

More often than not, we throw the main package of our electronic devices. But they are actually useful while repacking them while moving houses. Although not a mandate, you should try keeping the original package safe. The original casing of your devices makes it easier for your to pack them. You don’t have to get extra boxes to pack them. Moreover, they save a lot of time because you don’t have to bother about the size. 

Label your cords and boxes

Electronic cords and cables can be irritating at times. If packed together, they land up getting tangled, thus taking all your energy. The best way to avoid such a situation is by labelling all your cords. First, segregate them according to the device. Then use sticky notes to label each cord. This would make it easier to identify them while unpacking. Moreover, you should label your boxes so that you or your professional mover knows which boxes need extra care while handling. The usual “fragile” label would be enough. This protects your electronic devices from unwanted damage.

Remember how to reconnect

Nothing can be more frustrating than opening up your boxes only to realize that you don’t know how to connect each device. Before you unplug your devices, you should consider taking a picture of the cord configuration so that it becomes easier to assemble them again at your new house. Pay attention to the current setup while dissembling your electronic devices. Use coloured stickers to easily identify the right cables and cords for the right device. They can save you a lot of time while unpacking. 

Always remember the temperature

Since you are moving electronic devices, you need to pay special attention to the temperature while packing and storing them. Extreme temperatures can cause damage to the sensitive electrical components of these devices. So, you may decide to carry a few devices by yourself instead of giving them to your mover. You should also remember to remove the cartridge from your printer if you are loading it on a truck so that extreme temperatures don’t damage it.

Unpack your electronic devices at the earliest

Before you start cutting tapes from your furniture, try to get your electronic devices unpacked and sorted first. Unpacking electronic devices and placing them can be time-consuming. So always get your electronic devices sorted out first. Doing so leaves you a lot of time to unpack other household items. Moreover, keeping your electronic devices packed for long can damage them. So cut up papers and tapes from these boxes much before you touch your furniture.

The above tips can help you in keeping your expensive electronic devices safe while moving your

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