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Are you preparing to move? An important point to consider is how you will fit all your things into the furniture removals Auckland truck. The best way to ensure that everything is transported safely and on time is by hiring a professional mover. One way to accomplish this feat is by dismantling some furniture items by yourself. This will both simplify and expedite the move. It is also easier to fit it into the truck. 

Here are home furnishings that should be disassembled before the move. 

1. Beds

It is impossible to move an entire king or queen size bed without some disassembly. Keep in mind, the average queen size mattress measures 60” by 80”. Bed frames are even bigger and heavier to move. You should engage a friend or family member, grab a pair of screwdrivers, and start disassembling. 

We recommend starting with the headboard. Then move on to the slats to separate all the bed rails. Safely stack all the slats in groups of three, four, etc. Tie each group in bundles using twine or rope. Then place the tied bundles in a corner and away from the rest of the bed. Bundled stacks are easy to place in a track and do not take up much space. 

Next, use bubble wrap to wrap up the bed rails and headboard. You may use blankets as well. Secure the bubble wrap/blanket to the rail using a rope.

We recommend carrying the headboard onto the truck first and placing it upright against a wall. It can also be placed behind a heavy piece of furniture. Lay the rails flat on the floor or between items. 

2. Desks

An average desk holds up to 6.5 kg of clutter. Don’t be surprised that your desk is fairly heavy to move by yourself. Before moving the desk, we recommend clearing out the top surface. Remove the drawers and store all their contents in a separate box. Label and number this box clearly so that you can save time putting its contents back into the appropriate drawer.

Set the drawers aside. Wrap each drawer in bubble wrap or a blanket. Now you may start disassembling your desk. Don’t forget to remove the keyboard tray. In the truck, stack the drawers on top of the stacked boxes. You may place the bubble-wrapped keyboard tray inside the drawer. 

3. Tables

Most modern designed tables are easy to pull apart. This will simplify your move. Before starting, gauge the size and weight of your tables. Enlist a family member or friend to help. 

Start by clearing the tabletop and flipping it so that the legs are facing up. Now start to remove each leg. Gather all the screws and secure them in a sealed bag. Label this bag and place it in a visible spot. Wrap each leg with bubble wrap or a blanket. You might consider bundling a pair of wrapped legs with rope. This depends on the size and weight of the legs. 

The same rules apply when dismantling a dining table. If your table is easy to move in one piece, then you only have to wrap it up. If possible, remove the legs and wrap each one up. If you’re unsure about whether to keep the dining table intact or dismantle it, speak to your mover. 

Carefully wrap the tabletop with bubble wrap. Hold it in place with twine or rope. It can be placed inside the Auckland movers truck vertically, against the wall. The legs are easy to stack inside. 

4. Vanity or Dresser

Depending on the size, most vanities may be transported without disassembly. If there is a mirror on top, you might have to remove it first. If a mirror is present, carefully remove it. Bubble wrap it generously and secure it with rope. Label it as ‘fragile. Place it away from other furniture items. 

Proceed with securing the drawers of the dresser. Once the mirror is removed, the dresser or vanity is easy to move, even with the drawers inside it. 

5. Build-your-own-furniture

If you own any furnishing that you assembled yourself, we recommend dismantling it before moving. This type of furniture might not travel well. The moving and transporting may place a strain on the joints. It will cause the joints and screws to loosen. Once the furniture removals Auckland truck arrives at your new home, your furniture may be wobblier, weak or even broken. To avoid this headache, pull this furniture apart BEFORE the move.

A successful move starts with good planning. Furniture disassembly should be a part of this plan. Auckland movers will help you save time and space with this decision. It will help you reach your new home faster! 

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