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Shifting your home or office to a new address is an exciting and daunting task. While it is natural to want to take charge of the entire process, you may end up with too much on your plate.

During a stressful time like this, it is important that you remain calm and involved in the shifting. Which is why it is wise to hire a professional mover to handle the whole process. A professional moving company will handle all tasks involved without causing you any trouble. This gives you the freedom to focus on more important things like your family or employees.

Choosing the right moving company

When you look for professional moving companies for hire, you will find hundreds of options. Making the right choice can be overwhelming, especially when you are pressed for time. You would not want your precious belongings in the wrong hands.

Movers without enough training or experience can damage or lose your possessions while shifting them. While a good moving company can make the entire moving process a breeze, choosing the wrong one can land you in a relocation nightmare. You do not need that kind of stress, especially when you are paying good money for their services. Here are a few tips you could follow while choosing the best moving company.

Are you moving within or outside of Auckland

While most movers specialize in moving within Auckland, some companies also offer out of town moving services. Depending on where your destination is, you should choose a moving company that suits your needs. Moving companies that offer out of town services should have suitable training and experience to shift possession across the country. 

Make sure you have an estimate

Before you zero in on a company for your move, make sure you have estimates from a few companies. These estimates should include all services you may need during the move. It is also a bad idea to receive these estimates verbally. Make sure your estimates are in writing and include all charges.

Do your research

Before you short-list a few candidates, go through their websites thoroughly and understand the services they offer. A legitimate moving company will also exhibit their details on their website. If these companies have social media pages, make sure you check out customer reviews. They can greatly impact your opinion on a company and its credibility.

Another aspect that you should consider while making your choice is the variety of services they offer. While it is fairly simple to move belongings from a ground-floor building, things can become slightly tricky if your home or office is situated on a higher floor. Make sure you discuss your requirements while seeking estimates.

How can balcony lifts make your move easier?

While choosing the right moving company, make sure they offer balcony lift services. These come in very handy while moving furniture or large items that do not fit through the door or entrances. Balcony lifts are also very useful when moving items from higher floors.

Professional moving companies in your city should typically offer balcony lift services because they are extremely effective in carefully moving furniture and other fragile belongings without damaging them. Skilled and experienced professionals man these balcony lifts while carefully maneuvering fragile furniture and other belongings without causing any breakage or damage. Items such as mattresses, side boards, tables, lounges and other large-sized items are easily lifted and moved out of homes and offices with balcony lifts.

Balcony lifts can also used to move items into your new home or office. An experienced moving company will ensure that your belongings are safely transported from point A to point B where they are then carefully moved into the building via these lifts. A balcony lift can make the entire moving process much easier because it will save you the trouble of having to disassemble furniture or other items. 

Choose the right movers so you can confidently rely on them during what could otherwise be an extremely stressful time.