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Moving is always overwhelming. The stress of finding the right house packers and Commercial movers, making a checklist of things to do, following up on utility services, and so on can take a toll on your health. The list of things to do is long, and moving to Auckland suburbs from the city or moving to a town can be very hectic. But did you know that a commercial move is more stressful than a residential move?

As per some of the best Auckland movers, a commercial move is entirely different from a residential move. Business relocation requires expertise that most of the regular furniture removals and movers in Auckland do not possess. There are several thousands of small and big companies in and around Auckland, among which at least a small chunk of them relocate to new premises. Henderson movers help these businesses execute their move and relocate without disrupting their day-to-day activities. Here is how a commercial relocation is different from a residential move.

Planning for the move

Residential moving is quite straightforward when compared to commercial moving. Yes, it does require planning, but when you compare it with a commercial move, the planning and execution take less effort. Moving a business from one place to another without disrupting a day’s work takes time and effort. Here are some things that companies must consider before they move.

  • Which is the best day to move that does not disrupt the day-to-day business?
  • Will the move have a significant impact on the business?
  • How can the day-to-day operations be performed during the move?

Just like a residential move, a commercial move must make a checklist of things to do and how to do it as well. Restaurants, law firms, banks, retail stores, apparel, toys, every business differs from the other, and every move is different from the other as well. They must also make an effort to find the best East Auckland movers who have the ability and the tools to ensure a smooth commercial move. The move is subject to a lot of constraints that the owner must address. There is no place for a compromise. Failing to address these problems can lead to a business loss, some of which can be irrecoverable.

Transportation of sensitive materials

Several different household items need to be relocated. When you consider a residential move, you have delicate and expensive items such as antiques, jewellery, and fine china to be moved. While the owner can relocate certain expensive items, several other things require expertise on the West Auckland movers’ part to ensure that the items are not damaged. These items are considered sensitive items in a residential move. But when you consider a commercial move, sensitive items have a whole different meaning.

The commercial move includes the transportation of sensitive materials that include documents such as internal accounts, employees’ tax records, and many others. Businesses will also have valuable data and programs on their computer, which needs to be kept safe, secure, and confidential, even during a move to new premises. Some of the best movers in Auckland have the ability and expertise to move sensitive materials. The raw data, document, and program are packed in the presence of the business owner and unpacked only at the other end, and again in the presence of the owner or authorized personnel.  These professional movers carry out a background check on all employees who are hired to move sensitive data and offer the best business practice to all clients.

Transportation of electronic equipment

Residential relocations include various types of electronic and electrical equipment that include a refrigerator, television, washing machine, dryer, personal computer, and laptop, among others. These equipment are limited in number and easy to pack and move. They are also easy to unpack as there are limited wires to connect them and prepare them for use.

When you consider a residential move, the list of electronic equipment is very different and include laptops, personal computer, accessories, wires, printers, photocopiers, water coolers, scanners, vending machine, and various office supplies. Many employees use two or more devices to work. Add office stationery such as files, notepads, books, and papers, among others to the electronic and electrical equipment, plus the wiring. Can you imagine the chaos it can create? Businesses rely on most of the material to carry out their day-to-day business. Only the best commercial movers can guarantee that the essential operations of the business are not disrupted during the move.

In addition to the electronic equipment, commercial businesses also include heavy items such as in restaurants, large desks and tables, chairs, and so on. Commercial movers are trained to move all kinds of equipment and items to make the relocation easier. While the concept of moving from one premise to another is the same for a residential and commercial space, the responsibilities are very different from each other. Understanding the difference and accommodating the necessary changes can help you transit without any stress. Reach out to professional commercial movers around you to understand the vital differences, and how they can affect your move.

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